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Magna and NRC Canada to Collaborate on Ultra-light Materials for Next-generation Vehicles

A new partnership between Magna Exteriors and Interiors, an operating unit of Magna International Inc., and National Research Council Canada (NRC) will support the development of next-generation vehicles with lighter, more durable parts that are safer, affordable, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

As part of the collaboration agreement, the partners are creating the Magna-NRC Composite Centre of Excellence at the Magna Exteriors and Interiors facility in Concord, Ontario. This new research and development centre, which represents a joint private-public investment, will develop composite technology for the Canadian and global automotive industry.

The Magna-NRC Composite Centre of Excellence will be equipped with leading-edge moulding equipment for thermoplastic composites. This will provide teams from Magna and NRC with the tools needed to work together on developing lightweight and durable automotive parts using composites such as Direct Long Fibre Thermoplastics and sheet moulding compound.

These technologies have been identified as the best prospects for reducing the weight of structural car parts, making them more fuel-efficient and affordable.

Joint project work in composites will begin immediately, while the new research facility is expected to be operational in summer 2010.



It will never fly. We like our 3-tonne monsters too much to drive 1-tonne vehicles. It would be anti-our culture to drive a lighter vehicle than the neighbour.

This is a movement to stop.


Light space frames with composite panels could shave a lot of weight from a vehicle. People think large SUVs and trucks are safer because they can run over small cars like tin cans. This is the real motive, my car will survive and your car will not. We saw this with large Cadillacs and Lincolns decades ago, now it is large SUVs and trucks.



Would very large but very light weight e-SUVs satisfy their acquired hunger for monster vehicles?

Calvin Brock

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