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MIRA to Support New Guangzhou Automobile Vehicle Program

Guangzhou Automobile Co. Ltd (GAC) and MIRA have signed a contract for MIRA to provide support on a new vehicle programme for GAC. Through a combined GAC/MIRA team of engineers, this engineering programme will help GAC to deliver its new passenger car—the first to carry GAC’s own brand—to the market.

GAC is one of China’s most successful vehicle manufacturers, with successful joint venture partnerships with Toyota, Honda and most recently Fiat.

The new vehicle is slated for launched in 2010, and will be built in a RMB 6.8 billion (US$996 million) purpose-built facility in Panyu district of Guangzhou. Initial production volumes will be 100 thousand vehicles per year, rising to 250 thousand per year.



Will they produce electrified vehicles?


Big $..

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