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Omnitek Engineering Corporation has been granted a license from the government of Peru to perform diesel-to-natural-gas conversions in the country. The conversions will be performed under a Productores de Equipos Completos, PEC, (Complete Equipment Producers) license.

In March the company entered the Peruvian market with a multi-year contract to convert a fleet of beverage and milk delivery vehicles owned and operated by Lima-based Leche Gloria. (Earlier post.) The company subsequently formed a joint venture with local partners in Peru to convert diesel engines to operate on natural gas, as well as provide services to re-power diesel trucks and buses utilizing Omnitek’s natural gas engines.

Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation, noted that industry sources estimate that diesel vehicle conversions for buses during the next few years will reach at least 20,000, with truck conversions expected to reach 50,000. There are an estimated 500,000 heavy-duty engines in Peru that could be potentially converted to operate on natural gas, he said.



sounds good to me, this is working well in Sydney Australia. Apparently the very large govt fleet is latterly acquiring these as O.E.M.

Henry Gibson

Many diesel engines can be cheaply retrofitted to burn natural gas and other hydrocarbons for most of their fuel requirements but still be able to run on diesel. This can be done as simply as opening a valve to let natural gas flow into the intake air and less diesel is injected automatically or otherwise for the same output power. ..HG..

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