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Orcelle Fund Soliciting Projects for Alternative Maritime Energy Sources and Energy-Efficient Technology Ideas

The Orcelle Fund, a grant-awarding body that provides seed capital for high-risk development projects for alternative maritime energy sources and energy-efficient technology, is soliciting projects for funding.

The Orcelle Fund was established in 2007 by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics to provide seed capital for high-risk development projects. The Fund seeks to bring innovative ideas for maritime renewable energy sources to the global forefront and to develop the energy-efficient technologies that hold the promise of future commercial viability.

The Fund builds upon the vision and values of the E/S Orcelle, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ concept car carrier with a zero emissions capability, which carries no ballast water on board. Unveiled at the World Expo 2005 in Japan, the E/S Orcelle was designed for the year 2025 using only renewable energy sources, including the sun, the wind and the waves, as well as fuel cell technology, to meet all its propulsion and onboard power requirements.

Applications are due by 15 December. Information is available here.


Henry Gibson

HPG, Hyperion Power Generation, needs to propose more nuclear powered commercial ships. There is an infinite amount of Uranium in the ocean which is renewed by uranium comming out of your soil through the rivers. ..HG..

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