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OriginOil to Collaborate in Algae to Jet Fuel Project Funded by Japan Science & Technology Agency

OriginOil, Inc., the developer of a new extraction process for algae oil (earlier post), will partner with Research Institute of Tsukuba Bio-Tech (RITB), recently approved for funding to develop algae-to-jet fuel applications by Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST).

Headed by Tsukuba University professor emeritus and algae researcher Takaaki Maekawa, PhD, RITB recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OriginOil to develop and distribute systems in Japan for aircraft fuel production, algae to oil production, and other industry applications.

RITB was recently approved for funding by Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST) for two years of research and development activities based on its proposal to the agency.

In the partners’ first joint action, OriginOil spoke at a recent invitation-only workshop at Tsukuba University, which was attended by RITB collaborators such as Japan Airlines (JAL) Aero-Consulting, IBDAIWA, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Dow Chemical, Dentsu Tech, Tsukuba Agricultural Cooperation, NPO Genki Agricultural Production Organization, Nagata Trade Company, Tosho Merchandise Corporation as well as representatives of Aomori Prefecture and Tsukuba City.

On 30 January, Japan Airlines made a successful biofuels flight test using a blend of camelina, algae, and jatropha; testing showed that the blend was more fuel-efficient than 100% traditional Jet A fuel (kerosene).




First, the US/GM crushes the world in the 80's EV solar races. Toyota respects California law and develops/profits from the EV hybrid Prius while we crush our achievements.

Now Japan commits to another technology the US fostered..


The U.S. is good at innovation, but not so good getting the ideas to market. 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, I guess we would rather think than sweat :)


Well SJC, we better think fast!


It appears that Solazyme is way out in front on this. but then there are plenty of other players including oil majors and Bill Gates.

Looks like a lot of sweat equity already in place.

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