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New GM Europe CEO: Opel Mini is Top Priority

On a weekend conference call, newly appointed GM Europe CEO Nick Reilly said that developing a mini offering for Opel “will be our top priority.” Reilly said that Opel will also need to continue with light commercial vehicles, as that is a “reasonable share” of its business.

Among his statements, which included some discussion of funding needs and structure, Reilly confirmed production of the Ampera (the Opel version of the Volt).

We can take advantage of global technology and look at introducing hybrids. Ampera will be manufactured in Europe. Initially, the car will be imported from the US, but long-term, we are looking for a local source. Ellesmere Port is one of the candidates, but there are others. Also, we will look at battery technology. Electric vehicles will increase the focus on that.

—Nick Reilly

Under the new structure, GM will have two organizations in Europe: Opel/Vauxhall and Chevrolet Europe. Reilly, as President of GM Europe, will be accountable for both and run Opel/Vauxhall, while Wayne Brannon will be in charge of Chevrolet Europe, reporting to Reilly.



GM's future may be brighter in Asia, Europe and South America if they can produce high quality local products that people realy want.

Buick China is as good example of what can be done. Opel Europe; Chevrolet India; GMC South America and Cadilac USA could be a way out for the future. Replacing one top heavy huge Corp with 5 (semi-independant) smaller units could have a better chance to survive in a highly competitive world.

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