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SB LiMotive in 10 Year Battery Supply Agreement With Delphi

Korea Times. SB LiMotive, the 50:50 Li-ion joint venture between Samsung SDI and Bosch (earlier post), has struck a 10-year exclusive lithium-ion battery supply deal with Delphi of the United States.

Under the partnership, SB LiMotive will supply batteries to the American company from 2012 through 2021, Samsung SDI spokesman Seo Hae-su said Tuesday. Delphi, which emerged from a four-year bankruptcy in October, will use the batteries in its propulsion systems for hybrid commercial trucks and buses, the official said.

SB LiMotive plans to start production in 2011 at a plant under construction in Ulsan, South Korea. (Earlier post.) In August, BMW selected SB LiMotive as a supplier for Li-ion batteries for the upcoming Megacity vehicle, an electric city vehicle planned for the first half of the next decade (earlier post).

SB LiMotive will provide technical support and after-sales services via Cobasys, which it acquired in July.

Delphi has just entered into a long-term supply agreement with Allison Transmission to supply key hybrid drive system components and energy storage systems. (Earlier post.)



This is good news. This type of long range commitments will foster development of large battery production facilities.

By the way, large lithium deposits have been found in the Ungava peninsula, North of 50. The exact size of the deposits will not be known for another 2 years and, if large enough, exploitation could start around 2015.

The world may soon find many more lithium deposits in the next five years, as demand increases.


"...services via Cobasys..."

Hmmm... I guess they were sold recently, but their track record for performance could have been better.

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