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Hybrid Snowplow Debuts in Colorado

Jefferson County (Colorado) Commissioners unveiled what they believe to be the first hybrid snowplow in the US. The plow, a modified 2009 International Model 7300 Hybrid, could be in service by next week.

Jefferson County will learn more about the truck’s energy efficiency as a snowplow as it begins to use it this winter. If the $162,240 hybrid snowplow performs well, the county may decide to add more to its fleet of 130 snowplows and 12 hybrid vehicles. It will join a fleet of 82 Road & Bridge plows and graders that deploy countywide during a snowstorm.

The snowplow is part of County Commissioners’ Renewable Energy Initiative, which aims to save energy, sustain the environment and save taxpayers money. The county’s Fleet Services Division began working on the idea for a hybrid snowplow two years ago. Fleet Services anticipates that the hybrid snowplow will use 30% to 50% less fuel than a traditional snowplow, which can cost as much as $250 to fill up the diesel tank.

The hybrid snowplow will be stationed at the county’s Central Shop in Golden and will plow roads in unincorporated areas in Jefferson County near Golden and Wheat Ridge. The Road & Bridge Division will use it primarily in urban and neighborhood environments where the snowplow’s ability to conserve gas while stopping and starting is most valuable.


The Goracle


Unfortunately, Algore has promised us that snowplows will o longer be needed so the development costs will not be recouped so Obama will take over the bankrupt company.

Praise be unto Algore!


Henry Gibson

Any vehicle will gain efficiency when hybrid operation is installed because a smaller engine can be used in a more efficient range. ..HG..


I would imagine that snow plows are NOT the most efficient vehicles. They are used seasonally, but probably consume a lot of fuel. It they can get the efficiency of these up, more power to them and everyone else that uses energy.

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