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Toyota to Debut Dedicated Hybrid Concept at 2010 North American International Auto Show

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, announced that it will stage the world debut of a new dedicated hybrid concept vehicle during the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The vehicle will be revealed during a news conference held on Monday, 11 January at COBO Hall.

Toyota provided no further details, although it did provide two teaser images:

Tmcconcept1 Tmcconcept2
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The Goracle


From earlier stories: When fully charged, the vehicle is targeted to achieve an electric-only range of approximately 12 miles and will be capable of achieving highway speeds in electric-only mode.

12 (twelve, XII) miles. Pitiful.


Sean Prophet


I don't know if you're old enough to remember the first pocket calculators that came out in the early 1970s. They had only 4 functions, short battery life, and cost about $300. Now you can buy a solar powered full function unit with infinite battery life, scientific, financial calculators at the drug store for about ten bucks.

Do you care to bet on what the specs will be on Toyota's electric offerings in 2020? Didn't think so. The naysayers always ignore Moore's Law, which thanks to electrification, will now be applied to automobiles.

And being a *hybrid* 12 mile electric range isn't really a limitation, now, is it?


Aren't we jumping to conclusion. This is not neccessarily the future Prius-PHEV. This concept will embrace a whole new family of electrified vehicles. It could become E-Toyota vs current ICE-Toyota. The latter may be progressively phased out.

Regardless of the objection from naysayers, electrified vehicles will be introduced worldwide during the next decade. ICE units production will decline progressively to make room for electrified vehicles.

The complete transition will probably last 3+ decades but it will take place. The arrival of new, more efficient, lower cost e-storage units will accellerate the transition.

Earth will be a better, quieter, cleaner, healthier place to live when the last ICE is sent to the museum.


The Goracle said, "From earlier stories: When fully charged, the vehicle is targeted to achieve an electric-only range of approximately 12 miles and will be capable of achieving highway speeds in electric-only mode.

12 (twelve, XII) miles. Pitiful."

Are you sure it is the Prius for this unveiling?

I think it makes sense for them to expand their offerings to cover one additional market segment (they have an intro-luxury with HS250 and the current Prius segment).

Personally, I'd like to see a Van/MPV dedicated hybrid model built for efficiency with a touch of entertainment/comfort.


"Dedicated Hybrid"

This term suggests that the model was designed from the beginning to be a hybrid, I thought that was what the Prius is. I read that the Prius was originally based on the Echo model, but they have evolved beyond that by now.

Honda learned with the Civic and Accord hybrids that it might be best to have a whole new model like the Insight 2. Then Toyota comes out with a Camry hybrid based on the original model. It is hard to keep track of their thinking on this.


I believe it will be hybrid with a cheaper drivetrain, something like Honda IMA system.
Perhaps Prius drivetrain is too expensive unless it is a PHEV version, and it is PHEV ready. Honda IMA system is not PHEV ready, it's just for assistance.


12 mile AER is low but this looks primarily like a hybrid with golf cart EV range to test consumer demand. Any new products with AER are welcome and Toyota has been wary of this commitment for a long time.

Bring it!


14 EV miles means you'll get your money worth almost every trip.

Most of your short trips will be covered by electricity -- benefit of an electric car.

50 MPG hybrid mode eliminates range anxiety and the reliability of the proven HSD technology -- benefit of Prius.

All of this at an affordable price minus $3,000 government tax credit.

Lars-Peter Jorgensen

Range Anxiety quickly dissipates, humans just have get used to thinking differently. We've had a PEV for five years everyone that drives it know that it has a thirty mile range, and none of us has been stranded. So either no one in the household--teenagers included--drives as much as they think they do or they learn much faster than they think they do.

Drive a PEV and your Range Anxiety will dissipate too.


It is not range but utility. Most people could put up with 40 mile range around town for a second car, but they will not pay $30,000 for one that they can not take on a trip.

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