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University of South Carolina Genesis 2015 Plan To Cut Fleet CO2 Emissions by 90%

Under its newly-unveiled Genesis 2015 plan, the University of South Carolina will reduce CO2 emissions from its fleet of vehicles by 90% within five years.

The plan puts Carolina among the nation’s first campuses committed to reducing its dependence on petroleum by introducing alternative fuels to power the buses, cars, trucks, motorcycles and maintenance vehicles needed in the everyday life of the university.

The university has about 400 vehicles that are used for business, maintenance and transportation of students, said Derrick Huggins, associate vice president for transportation.

Within five years, all vehicles on the Columbia campus will be powered by ethanol, biodiesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), electricity or hydrogen fuel cells. A hydrogen hybrid bus will become part of the university’s shuttle service in January.



This is a prefect fit for South Carolina. Most of those people make their own ethanol already.

The Goracle


Way to teach the students that blindly following a false religion, Globalwarmism, spending whatever the high priests call for, is the way to go. Since there is no correlation between increasing human-based C02 emissions, and Global Warming® (since rebranded Climate Change®, since rebranded CO2 Pollution®) the "university" simply wants to slow vegetation growth. What a bunch of buffoons!

If the end goal was to reduce dependence on oil, that's a noble cause. But to worship the false god Algore... what a sad state of affairs!

Soon we'll be back to teaching students to turn to Christ before it's too late!!! "Science" says so!!! (But you're not allowed to see my data and I'll call you names if you disagree!)


Dave R

Hey Goracle, if it makes you feel better, let's rewrite the press release like this:

"USC will reduce petroleum consumption from it's fleet 90% within 5 years by introducing renewable fuels to power it's vehicles.

These renewable fuels will clean the air and reduce the trade deficit in addition to creating local agricultural jobs to produce those renewable fuels.

In addition, CO2 emissions will also be reduced 90% significantly mitigating nearly any effect the University's may have on Anthropogenic Global Warming."

Not so bad, eh?


DaveR.... that's not what Goracle wants to hear. He cannot see GHG reduction as a low cost side effect of good policies.


Harvey, CO2 and AGW has lost all credibility because of the extremes the alarmists have employed in proving they're "right." What we have now and the reason CRU will likely be completely reset (a real climate change) - is because they have perverted science.

The fraud perpetrated by these AGW totalitarians has been denounced by the very heart of the alarmist clansmen. The free ride is over. The clansmen blew their opportunity. As for CO2, why deny that elevated CO2 at trending volume will likely have only one effect on the Earth - increase plant growth.

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