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“AIC Next” Event to Explore Future of Automotive Sector

AIC—Automotive Intelligence Center—in Bilbao, Spain is launching “AIC Next”, the objective of which is to analyze the future of the automotive sector in a different way. Taking inspiration from the TED format, the event will cover as wide a range of issues as possible, including manufacturing, technology, mobility, sustainability, social integration, consumers, etc.—always with an eye to the long term.

In the first edition, which takes place 18-19 February 2010 at the AIC, experts will discuss such topics as ways to understand and prepare for the future, the impact of geopolitical factors, the architecture of new energies, “emotional engineering”, cities without cars or the Glasgow experiment, among others.

Among those scheduled to speak are philosopher Daniel Innerarity; Alfonso Albaisa (Vice President, Nissan Design Europe); Shaun Riordan (geopolitical expert); Pedromari Olaeta (Managing Director, Ingeinnova); Javier Villalba (Director, Spanish Network Business-Iberdrola); Gonzalo Alonso (Director, Going Green) and José Solaz (Director-Automotive, Biomechanics Institute of Valencia).

The automotive industry is facing one of the most dramatic periods of transformation in its history. Intense and numerous outside pressures from opinion leaders, citizens and society are impacting the sector in radical ways.

This forum intends to become a point of reference for people and organizations in automotive-related fields which are molding the future through their new ideas, concepts and businesses.

AIC is an international benchmark center located in Bilbao, Spain, integrating knowledge, training, technology and industrial development in order to improve the competitiveness of the automotive sector. The public/private foundation was founded in 2006. Founding partners were Bizkaia Provincial Council, Amorebieta-Etxano Town Council (Bizkaia), Ermua Town Council (Bizkaia), ACICAE-Basque Automotive Cluster, ZF Lemförder TVA, Pierburg, CIE Automotive, Amaya Telleria and Microdeco.



I would attend this just to hang in Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim. Gehry's idea is so discontinuous it had to use AI to design it. And the "Maman" sculpture outside will creep out even people who like arachnids.

I'll bring a can of bug spray.

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