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Andalusia Signs an Agreement with the Renault-Nissan Alliance to Promote EVs in the Region

The Autonomous Government of Andalusia and Renault Spain signed a protocol of intentions that aims to promote the development of electric vehicles in the Andalusian region.

The two organizations will work together to identify areas of cooperation for promoting the use of electric vehicles, as part of PASENER 2007-2013 (the Andalusian Sustainable Energy Plan) and the Renault-Nissan alliance’s zero emissions strategy.

The Autonomous Government of Andalusia’s Regional Minister for Innovation, Science and Business, Martín Soler, and the President and Director General of Renault Spain, Jean Pierre Laurent signed the agreement at the PTA (Andalusian Technological Park), given that it will be home to an electric vehicle pilot study, which will consist of a series of simulations to define energy, recharging points and battery life needs for the large-scale development of this new method of mobility.

Furthermore, the city of Málaga will play a leading role in Smartcity, a program of electric car driving and usage tests that has the support of the Department of Science, Innovation and Business and now Renault, within the framework of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

The agreement describes a series of projects based on different issues:

  • The definition of potential companies and city councils that could become part of the plan, due to both their interest in zero emission fleets and their commitment to promoting the environment within their area of influence.

  • Information for users, so that they become more familiar and discover more about this new way of getting around.

  • Training workshops for technicians specializing in electric vehicles.

  • The dissemination of the different types of incentives available from institutions in Andalusia.

This is the second Renault-Nissan Alliance agreement to promote the implementation of the use of the electric vehicle in Spain, following the announcement by the Alliance and Barcelona City Council that underlined the intention to set up a fleet and almost 200 recharging points in the city.

Renault factories in Spain have been awarded two new models and an engine for 2011-2013, including the car derived from the Twizy Z.E. Concept, the first electric vehicle to undergo large-scale production in Spain. Renault has a gearbox factory in Andalusia that produces 30% of the total amount produced by Renault Group worldwide and employs 1,100 people. In 2009 it produced a total of 755,370 units, of which 70% was exported.



Good going Renault-Nissan. Your efforts to mass produce electrified vehicles and establish the associated infrastructures commendable.

Hope that many more Leaf like BEVs and PHEVs will follow.

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