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ARPA-E Begins Reviewing Second Round of Concept Papers for Transformational Energy R&D

The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) of the US Department of Energy has received 583 concept papers in response to its second Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) released 7 December 2009. (Earlier post.) More specifically, 248 proposals were received in the Innovative Materials & Processes for Advanced Carbon Capture Technologies category, 245 in the Batteries for Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation category and 90 related to Electrofuels.

ARPA-E is currently reviewing all concept papers and is scheduled to provide feedback to applicants by mid-February 2010. The deadline for applicants to submit a Full Application will be 31 days immediately later, with final selections expected by late spring 2010.

ARPA-E expects to issue an additional FOA in the near future.

Separately, ARPA-E will hold a “Power Technologies” public workshop on 10 February in Arlington, Va. The workshop seeks to develop new directions in methods, components, and systems related to electrical energy conversion.

Knowledge gained from a series of such public workshops will assist ARPA-E leadership in the development of potential programs and funding opportunities which will target key technological roadblocks relevant to its mission. ARPA-E will use this information to shape the scope and focus of potential future programs.

Summaries of the workshop will be provided on the ARPA-E Web site shortly following the events. Interested participants may apply to the workshop by sending an email to stating your interest in attending along with the following information:

  • Your resume including a description of your expertise in the topic.

  • A brief statement on what you see as the key challenges and opportunities currently facing the topic.

There is an attendance fee to defray the costs of the workshops. This event is closed to the media.


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