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Jon Bereisa to Join Aker Wade Board of Advisors with Focus on Fast Charging

Aker Wade Power Technologies (earlier post) announced that Jon Bereisa has accepted a position on its Board of Advisors.

Bereisa led GM’s EV1 project as chief engineer. He was responsible for the technology development and production design of the EV1 electric traction system, power inverter, battery pack and charger. Bereisa is also the inventor of the EV1 Inductive Charging System, and he led the original development of GM’s VOLTEC propulsion system (used in the Chevrolet Volt extended-range vehicle).

Bereisa currently serves as president and CEO of Auto Lectrification, LLC, a company which focuses on electric vehicle propulsion systems and infrastructure engineering.

At this year’s Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) meeting in Washington, Bereisa was inducted into the EDTA Hall of Fame by Roger Stempel, former GM and Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) CEO. (Stempel, who oversaw the introduction of the EV1 when Chairman and CEO of GM, is a past EDTA Hall of Fame inductee.)

We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Jon to our company. Jon brings an incredible depth of technical knowledge, a long history of championing the benefits of the electric vehicle, and unique insight into the infrastructure requirements necessary to accelerate consumer adoption of the EV. Most importantly, Jon shares our vision that the deployment of level III fast charging technology is a critical component of the infrastructure required to eliminate ‘range anxiety’ amongst potential EV consumers and accelerate mass adoption of clean electric vehicles.

—Aker Wade CEO Bret Aker

Aker Wade has grown to be the leader in industrial fast charging. I am pleased to join them in bringing fast charge technology and products to today’s emerging EV infrastructure.

—Jon Bereisa

Aker Wade develops and manufactures fast chargers and battery management software for the electric vehicle and industrial forklift markets. Aker Wade is collaborating with battery companies, infrastructure suppliers and EV manufacturers to deliver advanced Level III fast charging solutions for the coming generation of battery electric vehicles. Among the companies Aker Wade is working with are EnerSys, A123, Coulomb Technologies, and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).


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