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Baltimore Gas and Electric Company to Launch Plug-in Trial; GridPoint’s Smart Charging Software to Manage Grid Impacts

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE), a subsidiary of Constellation Energy, has launched a multiyear plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) demonstration project using GridPoint’s smart charging software (earlier post).

Fielding five converted Toyota Priuses and a Ford Escape, and deploying electric vehicle management technology from GridPoint, BGE will investigate when and where drivers will charge their vehicles, what effect charging may have on BGE’s peak load periods, and how that load can be managed to provide cost-efficient energy to customers. BGE will also evaluate the impact a PHEV fleet has on the company’s carbon footprint.

Vehicle Connectivity Modules (VCMs) will be installed in each vehicle to establish two-way communication with the grid and log critical performance data. GridPoint’s smart charging software can be used to manage the flow of electricity to charging vehicles, balancing driver needs and real-time grid conditions.

During peak periods, the flow of energy can be delayed or slowed to shift the charging load off-peak—minimizing localized grid stress and ensuring service reliability. When wind or solar power is available, the charging rate can be increased to expand the use of renewable energy in the grid.



I would like to sugge3st here and now that the stampede by utilities to install "smart grid" - "smart charging" is a tax scheme as much as anything else. People ask, "Where will revenue come from if we lose gas tax income?" Answer: smart grid metering.

Yep. Look for a scheme to identify kWh pumped into your new EV as the gas tax replacement. There are a number of ways to do this but it will be tried. Of course a novel approach would be how about Feds use the trillions the IRS gives them to build and repair highways? And likewise States belt tighten and use their income tax to maintain roads.

Be assured, the "smart grid" is of great interest to government and utilities because it can be made smart enough to tax your a ss.


Someone has to pay for the roads, should we let EVs pay none of the highway money? Smart grid is one of those ill defined terms. It has to do with demand and supplying that demand. Just like utilities like to know how many ACs are turned on and they like to control the turn on of large ACs, they want to know about EVs.


I would also hope that they have networked meters rather than have people go out and read the meters, that is a good start.

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