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US Army Awards C&D Technologies $19M Contract for Development of Large-Format Lithium-ion Batteries

The US Army has awarded C&D Technologies, Inc. a $19-million contract for the development of large-format lithium-ion battery systems. The $19 million contract will span an estimated four-year period from September 18, 2009, with the objective of developing large-format lithium-ion batteries that can meet the growing needs of the US Army for light-weight, high power density battery systems.

C&D’s primary market is standby power, which it services with a range of lead-acid battery systems.

This contract will allow C&D Technologies to establish a world class research and development facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, including pilot production capability dedicated to large-format lithium-ion batteries, and will establish a domestic manufacturing base for C&D designed lithium battery systems.

—Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO of C&D Technologies

The technologies developed under the program will also be utilized in meeting the needs of C&D’s commercial customers, with potential application to large-scale grid-energy storage, renewable energy applications and distributed power for telecommunications systems, in addition to broader application in other branches of the military.

These new advanced lithium-ion battery systems will be developed and produced in C&D’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin operations, which has been a focus for renewed investment for the company over the last two years.

With power demands for electronic devices growing at a rapid rate, the US Army requires new batteries that provide greater energy density and are lighter than those in the field today. The market for large-format lithium-ion batteries is expected to grow as more military systems utilize large-format lithium-ion batteries to provide backup and supplemental power to the many deployed electronic systems supporting US soldiers and their equipment in the field.

The funding profile for the contract includes an initial installment of approximately $1.6 million allocated in the Federal Government Fiscal Years 2008 and 2009, followed by $4.96 million for expanded development in the Fiscal Year 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill, passed by Congress and signed into law by the President in late December.

The balance of the contract funding is anticipated over the remaining two years of the program, pending future approval by Congress. The US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Contracting Center, Adelphi, Md., is the contracting agency (number W911QX-09-C-0107).


Henry Gibson

ZEBRA batteries have already been able to do what large format lithium ion batteries can do and can do it cheaper and more reliably at hotter and colder temperatures. At the very least the systems should have both types of batteries for redundant reliability. ..HG..

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