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Audi, BMW and VW See Strong US Diesel Sales

Audi, Volkswagen and BMW reported strong sales of diesel models in the US in December and the year.

  • By year-end, TDI models accounted for 43% of Audi Q7 and 53% of A3 sales. Audi initially expected TDI models to make up 18-20% of the sales mix for the Q7 and A3 lines.

  • One-third of customers opted for a diesel BMW X5 model in the US in December, according to BMW NA’s December sales results report. The X5 sold 3,513 vehicles in total in December, up 22.3% compared to December 2008.

  • Volkswagen’s clean diesel TDI models accounted for more than 20% of the Volkswagen of America total December sales with 4,378 units. Combined the Jetta, Jetta SportWagen, Golf and Touareg TDIs sold 41,278 total units in 2009, representing approximately 20% of total sales.



Strong US sales for the German automakers are no surprise really given the current state of the auto market. Consumers can trust the German engineering and quality of Audi, BMW and VW....Chrysler & GM - even Ford, not so much.

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