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Renault Launches Business ECO2 Line in France

Renault is launching a range of eco2 models for its business customers in France. Renault eco² vehicles meet all three of the following criteria:

  • CO2 emissions of less than 140 g/km or powered by biofuel;
  • Production in an ISO 14001 certified plant; and
  • 95% recoverable at end-of-life with at least 5% recycled plastic content

The “business eco2” range includes nine models: Clio, Clio Estate, New Megane Hatch and Estate, New Scenic and Grand Scenic, New Laguna Hatchback and Estate. Fluence and Clio emitting 98 g/km of CO2 will join the line-up at a later date.

Engine and equipment choices are organized by three criteria: cost in use, customer safety, and comfort. The entire range is fitted with the new Carminat Tomtom, a system that rationalizes journeys and thus optimizes transport times, and fuel consumption.



Marketing suicide. With all the dirt dished already and yet to be dished on CO2 - the last thing any exec wants is to think he's been duped into buying a "solution."

This campaign should convert to real pollutants or imported oil mitigation measures.


It's no suicide at all. As long as it's not more expensive.
Reducing CO2 means reducing consumption and execs like that. Plus, it can be part of the greenwashing effort that all firms are doing at the moment: "We use only eco2 range vehicles! We are clean!"

After all, it's just a label. It would be a shame NOT to launch this initiative, considering it costs nothing for Renault, nothing more for businesses (maybe less with less fuel consumption).

I agree other pollutants are more important, but not in the general public's minds yet.

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