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Eltek Valere Awarded Battery Charger Contract for THINK City

Norway-based Eltek Valere will deliver battery chargers to THINK City. The contract is the first result of Eltek Valere’s growth initiative for electric vehicle technologies, and shows new areas of application for the company’s core competencies.

Eltek Valere has traditionally delivered power supply systems to the telecommunication industry. This contract shows new areas of application for the company’s technology.

Chargers for electric vehicles represent a new and exciting business area and we have high expectations. We see a great deal of interest for our technology from both large car makers and smaller manufacturers of electric vehicles. In addition to the contract with THINK, we expect to gradually develop business with other customers within this segment.

We use our leading technology platform and the same logistics organization as we do for our chargers for telecommunication. That means that we can produce compact, energy efficient and competitive chargers to electric cars.

—Eltek Valere’s Chief Marketing Officer Morten Schøyen

The THINK City is being produced in Valmet, Finland, and now is ready for orders. Eltek Valere starts delivering the first chargers in February.

EV Powercharger 3000 Quick Specs
  • Input voltage: 85-275 VAC
  • Input current: Max 14A
  • Output voltage. 295-421 VDC
  • Output Power: Max 3060W
  • Efficiency: 96% at 50% load, 95% at 100% load
  • Power density: >30W in3
  • Ambient temp.: -40 to 60 °C
  • Control: CAN bus
  • Eltek Valere is offering two versions of its EV Powercharger: the 3000 and 3000IP. The EV Powercharger 3000 is designed for maximal utilization of a 16A wall socket, and provides an output power in excess of 3 kW with a very high efficiency up to 96%. Designed in a very compact box measuring only 50x280x120mm, its output of 3 kW represents 30W/in3 or 1800W/L. In addition the high efficiency gives little excess heat which again reduces cooling requirements. All major heat generating components are mounted against a solid aluminum outer wall. This is intended to be mounted against a cold-plate, water cooled or with a sufficient heat transfer capacity for the environmental specification applicable. The charger is designed to be placed in an IP housing.

    The EV Powercharger 3000 IP houses a Powercharger 3000 in an IP 67 box, and can be mounted anywhere in the engine compartment. The design can be adapted to different battery technologies and ensures fast charging while still maintaining optimal battery life. Its compact design will fit in to any free space in an electrical or plug-in hybrid vehicle.


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