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GM Investing $246M in Baltimore Transmission Plant for Electric Motors and Hybrid Components

General Motors will invest approximately $246 million in the Baltimore Transmission plant to construct a high volume electric drive manufacturing facility that will in 2013 produce US designed and manufactured global rear-drive electric motors, a core technology for hybrids and electric vehicles. (Earlier post.) The plant will be the first electric motor manufacturing facility in the US operated by a major automaker.

Electric motors are the engines of the future. By designing and manufacturing electric motors in-house at Baltimore Transmission, we can more efficiently control the design, materials and production processes. It will also enable us to lower costs and improve performance, quality, reliability, and manufacturability of the electric motors we use in our vehicles.

—Tom Stephens, GM Vice Chairman, Global Product Operations

Research and engineering facilities in Michigan, Indiana and California are also receive investments.



It makes sense to combine the motors with the transmissions for dual mode vehicles. Now if they just had a dual mode vehicle besides the Tahoe hybrid. Maybe they will do a dual mode Malibu to compete with the Ford Fusion hybrid.


Wow! All this VERY positive news from GM coinciding with the collapse of the climate change campaign. Is it possible the two are related?? New management? Return to reality?

The Goracle


BIG Business. Corporate GREED. Outrageous PROFITS. HUGE CEO salary. How can you people even THINK about supporting such a capitalist entity?

Only purchase bicycles made by small companies powered by wind or decomposing waste. Of course no BIG OIL products in said bicycle so use wood, or cotton, instead of rubber, tires.

Praise be unto Algore!


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