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Reported US Hybrid Sales Up 42% in December, Down 7.5% for CY 2009; New Vehicle Market Share of 2.8% for CY 2009

Top: Reported sales of US hybrids in 2009 resulted in a 2.8% new vehicle market share. Bottom left: relative new vehicle share of hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles. Bottom right: Unit sales of hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles. Click to enlarge.

Reported sales of hybrids in the US rose 42% in December 2009 year-on-year to 25,167 units; sales for the year decreased 7.5% to 290,280 units [1], representing a new vehicle market share for calendar year (CY) 2009 of 2.8%. Overall, light duty vehicle sales rose 15.1% in December 2009 year-on-year, according to figures from Autodata, with sales for the year being down 21.2%.

December 2009 had 28 selling days vs. 26 days in December 2008; all comparisons here are by volume, not by adjusted day sales rate. These figures do not include sales of the new Mercedes S400 hybrid (Mercedes-Benz does not break out its sales by powertrain type) or the new BMW ActiveHybrid X6, which began reaching BMW Centers in December.

Monthly reported hybrid sales. Click to enlarge.   Monthly new vehicle market share. Click to enlarge.

Toyota. Toyota reported December sales of sales of 17,964 hybrid vehicles, up 47.2% over December 2008. December sales of all light-duty vehicles reached 187,860 units, an increase of 32.3% over the same period last year.

  • The Prius posted 11,775 units, up 49.8%.

  • Camry Hybrid posted 1,513 units, a decrease of 19.9% from the year before, representing 4.3% of all Camry models sold. Sales of all Camry models increased 38.2%

  • Highlander Hybrid posted 1,029 units, an increase of 15.6%, representing 10.9% of all Highlander models sold. Sales of all Highlander models increased 21.2%.

  • Rx hybrid sales posted 1,598 units, up 9.2%, representing 13.5% of all Rx models sold. Sales of all Rx models were up 19%.

  • GS hybrid sales posted 54 units, up 5.9%, representing 5.1% of all GS sales. Sales of all GS models were down 11.4%.

  • LS hybrids posted 15 units, down 70%, representing 0.7% of all LS models sold. LS sales rose 43.7%.

  • The new dedicated hybrid HS250 sold 1,980 units.

Reported hybrid sales as a percentage of OEM light vehicle sales. Click to enlarge.

TMS calendar year hybrid sales totaled 195,545 units, down 19%. For the year, TMS reported total annual sales of 1,770,149 vehicles, a decrease of 20.2% percent from the same period in 2008.

Ford. Ford reported December sales of hybrid vehicles totaling 2,843, up 147.4% versus a year ago. Total Ford, Lincoln and Mercury sales increased 33.5% to 179,017 units in December.

  • Sales of the Escape and Mariner hybrids totalled 1,157 units in December, an increase of 0.7%, representing 5.2% of all Escape and Mariner sales. Total Escape and Mariner sales increased 56%, propelled by a 74.7% increase in Escape sales to 19,156 units.

  • Sales of the Fusion and Milan hybrid sedans reached 1,686 units in December, representing 8.0% of all Fusion and Milan sales.

December was the best sales month for EcoBoost (1,662), and total EcoBoost sales since introduction now total 4,973. The conquest rate for the Taurus SHO is 60%. EcoBoost provides customers up to 20% improvement in fuel economy and a 15% reduction in emissions versus larger-displacement engines. EcoBoost is standard on the Taurus SHO and available on the Ford Flex, Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKT.

For the full calendar year, Ford hybrid sales totaled 33,502, a new record and up 72% versus a year ago. Total Ford, Lincoln and Mercury sales decreased 15.4% for the full calendar year to 1,620,888 units.

Honda. Honda reported December hybrid sales of 2,110 units, a 103.5% increase year-on-year. Total Honda sales for December increased 24.5% to 107,143 units.

  • The Civic Hybrid posted 471 units, down 54.5% year-on-year, representing 2.1% of all Civic sales. Sales of all Civic models increased 29%.

  • The new dedicated hybrid Insight sold 1,639 units.

For the calendar year, Honda’s hybrid sales rose 13% to 35,692 units. Total vehicle sales dropped 19.5% to 1,150,784 units.

GM. GM reported total hybrid sales in December of 1,408 units, a decrease of 45.9%. Overall, GM dealers in the US delivered 208,511 vehicles in December—a total sales decline of 6% from the previous year, driven primarily by declines in fleet sales (-33%) and in sales of non-core brands (-55%).

For the year, GM hybrid sales increased 30% from the year before to 16,142 units.

Nissan. Nissan reported sales of 842 Altima hybrids in December, an 18.6% increase, representing 4.5% of all Altima sales. Sales of all Altima models increased 7.7%. Total December sales increased 18.2% to 73,404 units.

For calendar year 2009, Altima hybrid sales totalled 9,357 units, a 6.1% increase over 2008. Total combined Nissan and Infiniti sales in the year reached 770,103 vehicles, compared with 951,350 vehicles sold in 2008, a 19.1 percent decline.

[1] The CY 2009 total includes 42 hybrids posted by Chrysler in January 2009.



The Toyota Prius III HEV is number seller in Japan for all of 2009.

It will probably do even better in 2010 (for the full 12 months)

The Prius PHEV will establish record sales in 2011/2012 in Japan.

Toyota's HEVs and PHEVs will probably account for 25+% of Toyota local sales in 2015.


It seems the Toyota's USA HEVs (Hybrids) sales in 2009 were more than all other manufacturers combined.

How long can this keep up?

It will be interesting to see/compare PHEVs and BEVs sales in the next 5 years.

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