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Hydrogenics and Rosetti Marino to Commercialize Utility-Scale Hydrogen Power Plants for Peak Shaving and Energy Management

Hydrogenics Corporation and Rosetti Marino S.p.A., an Italy-based provider of engineering and construction services and technology for the oil and gas industry, will jointly design, develop and commercialize utility-scale hydrogen power plants for peak shaving and energy management.

The plants will incorporate Hydrogenics’ electrolyzer and fuel cell systems for turnkey applications that produce hydrogen for energy storage and electricity generation. Rosetti Marino will provide expertise in large-scale gas compression, storage, and facility design; the complete systems are planned to provide for renewable energy, peak shaving, grid optimization and ancillary services. Other potential applications include large-scale fueling and hydrogen production for industrial uses.

We firmly believe that hydrogen can provide energy storage solutions with greater versatility and economic benefit than compressed air storage and pumped hydro systems.

—Daryl Wilson, Hydrogenics President and CEO

Rosetti Marino believes that the combination of Hydrogenics’ technology and product platform with our experience in large scale gas plants and storage facilities creates a clear path towards the commercialization of hydrogen energy storage systems in the gigawatt-hour range. These systems will help expand the market for renewable energy and serve to catalyze the transformation and optimization of the next generation of electrical infrastructure.

—Gianfranco Magnani, President of Rosetti Marino Group



Assuming this is not just intended for California, for obtaining grants, for hydrogen production for industrial uses or for some unusual sites with special limitations on the generation of peak power, this should show if hydrogen and fuel cells are viable alternatives to compressed air storage, pumped hydro systems, standdy peak power, etc.

In short – this might let the market decide.

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