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Ioxus, Inc. launched a new family of large cell prismatic electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC) for transportation and utility applications that are lower in cost for the overall system design. The 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-Farad (F) ultracapacitors are smaller in size with increased energy and power density compared to products of other industry players. (Earlier post.)

Ioxus EDLCs can be used as sole energy storage devices or can be combined with other types of energy storage devices, such as batteries or fuel cells, to meet the user power demand requirements. In this combination, ultracapacitors expand the system's charge and discharge capabilities into shorter response times, extend the life of other, lower-power elements and open up new options for energy storage applications. Ioxus says its ultracapacitors are particularly suited for applications where weight or volume of systems is important because of their high-power densities.

New Ioxus EDLCs
Voltage 2.7 V 2.7 V 2.7 V
Max. Power 5.19 kW/kg 11.50 kW/kg 10.85 kW/kg
Max stored energy 1.013 Wh 3.038 Wh 5.063 Wh
Specific energy 4.22 Wh/kg
4.68 Wh/L
5.52 Wh/kg
6.2 Wh/L
6.03 Wh/kg
6.59 Wh/L
DC ESR ≤ 0.6 mΩ ≤ 0.36 mΩ ≤ 0.25 mΩ
Operating temp -40 °C to +65 °C -40 °C to +65 °C -40 °C to +65 °C
Max Leakage current 2.0 mA (72h) 5.0 mA (72h) 6.5 mA (72h)

1,000F. The new 1,000F unit offers the same maximum power as competitive 1,200F products with 24% less volume. It also offers ESR (equivalent series resistance) at par with the higher capacitance products of the competition.

The ESR is the same as that of higher capacitance products. In general, as capacitance does up, the ESR goes down. We have an extremely good electrode, and even at lower capacitance, our ESR is extremely good.

—Chad Hall, Ioxus COO

The 1,000F unit also features lower leakage current than the competition. Ioxus sees this series as serving smaller, golf-cart type vehicles and utility vehicles, as well as for engine starting, Hall said.

3,000F. The 3,000F unit has a volume 17% less than that of competitive products, with ESR again at part with higher capacitance products. Leakage current is 5% lower than competitive products.

Hall said that these units would likely be targeted at applications such as utility energy storage, peak shaving, EV launch assist, regenerative braking and mass transit.

5,000F. This unit features 10% less weight than the competition with the same rated capacitance, and offers 10% more energy (Wh/kg). Applications for this unit are similar to that of the 3,000F unit, but larger scale. Ioxus is working on a 1MW storage applications for mass transit, Hall said.

The new 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-F ultracapacitors are available at, starting at the following prices for low volume:

  • 1,000F, 2.7V ultracapacitors - $62
  • 3,000F, 2.7V ultracapacitors - $90
  • 5,000F, 2.7V ultracapacitors - $175

Ioxus is working towards an AS9100 and ISO-9001 certification to adhere to the most rigorous quality standards. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) awarded Ioxus $200,000 in December 2009 to expand its product line, accelerate sales growth and access new markets. The grant was awarded to 18 clean-energy businesses in New York State to help companies expand, commercialize cutting edge technologies and create new clean economy jobs in New York.

Ioxus had applied for the first round of ARPA-E awards, Hall said, but was not selected.



Several of these could help transfer electric energy quickly - breaking, acceleration, impulse charge, etc.


The A123 batteries in the 2009 MacLaren F1 car were alledgedly putting out 20 kW/kg.


The F1 A123's were probably replaced after every race.


A123's have been show to cycle thousands of times with no problem, shallow cycles over 100,000.

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