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Australia’s Bureau Of Meteorology Declares 2009 Second Hottest Year For Nation; South Australia 1.3 ºC Above Average Temperatures

Data collected by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology indicates that the annual mean temperature for 2009 was 0.9 ºC above the 1961-1990 average, making last year the nation’s second warmest year, after 2007, since precise instrumental record-keeping began throughout the country in 1910. The decade ending in 2009 also set a record as Australia's warmest recorded decade.

Australia’s annual mean temperatures (red line) and decadal mean temperatures (gray bars) as compared to 1961-1990 average. Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Click to enlarge.   Australia’s mean 2009 temperatures as compared to historical records, 1950-present. Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Click to enlarge.

Every decade since the 1940s has seen a progressively warmer Australia than the preceding decade, suggesting a potential shift in decadal temperature variations. By contrast, no particular trend in natural variability prior to that time has been identified.

“2009 will be remembered for extreme bushfires, dust-storms, lingering rainfall deficiencies, areas of flooding and record-breaking heatwaves.”

—Bureau Of Meteorology, Australia

The year began with extreme heatwaves spreading across much of southern Australia through late January and early February, with record temperatures seen in Melbourne (46.4 ºC/115.5 ºF), Victoria state (48.8 ºC/119.8 ºF, in Hopetoun), and Tasmania state (42.2 ºC/108 ºF, in Scamander). The heat, which was often unprecedented in both temperature and duration, disrupted urban energy and transport systems and contributed to the severity and spread of the season’s bushfires, which killed 173 in Victoria. Most of the deaths occurred on 7 February 2009, known as “Black Saturday.”

A rare winter heatwave occurred in August across Australia’s inland areas, contributing to the nation’s warmest August on record. A third heatwave prevailed in November, covering much of central and southeast Australia and contributing to temperatures greater than 35 ºC (95 ºF) for eight consecutive days in Adelaide. Overall, 2009 saw particularly high temperatures in the Southeast during the second half of the year, with the states of New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria as well as the nation seeing the hottest July-December periods on record.

South Australia’s mean temperature was 1.3 ºC above average last year, and marked the seventeenth consecutive year in which the state saw mean temperatures above the historical average.

Based on the analysis of daily maximum and minimum temperature data above and below set thresholds,” the Bureau of Meteorology observes, “there are clear upward trends in the number of hot events, and downward trends in the number of cold events over the period 1960 to date, consistent with the background of global warming.

—Jack Rosebro



...and in the meantime the UK is enjoying record sub-zero temperatures of -20C in some places.

Hardly cherrypicking is it?

The Goracle


...and in the meantime the USA is enjoying record sub-zero temperatures of -20C in some places. Deaths due to the record cold temperatures caused by Global Warming®, since rebranded Climate Change®, since rebranded CO2 Pollution®, are UP. The heartless Globalwarmists want MORE deaths due to cold. If Globalwarmism wre not a religion with mind-numbed followers this would be unbelievable! What a heartless, cruel, religion Globalwarmism is.

Praise be unto Algore!

Lets check to see if these temperatures have been falsified the way that the recent "record" temperatures in Russia have been falsified. Read temperatures from expanding heat island areas, etc.



Accusations of Cherry picking and falsified temperature data? The brainlessness of the two above comments astounds me.

These aren't predictions of the future, they are simple temp measurements and observed FACTS. Having lived through one of these heatwaves I can confirm they are 100% real.

New record high temps are being set with increasing frequency. It's the proof that convinced me something IS happening.... and fast!

You're either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. A couple of old foggies who can't see ANY possible connection between extreme temp swings at BOTH ends of the scale definitely fall into the later category.


What Paul said - and no one sees or speaks of glaciers growing..

The Goracle


In Russia temperatures have been said to be drastically increasing as well. Russia rebutted this "fact" by showing that the temperatures used were from sensors near cities, where heat is trapped by asphalt, etc., and therefore show increases. They also showed that only certain temperatures were used so that an increase would appear. When all temperature sensors are properly used there is no noticeable increase in temperature.

"Facts" are called lies when they selectively remove pertinent data. Please think rather than spew Al Gore's talking points. Thank you.

Oh, and a paper published by the British Antarctic Survey in the journal Geophysical Research Letters confirms that over the past 30 years, the area of sea ice around the Antarctic continent has expanded.

Fact: The USA is currently seeing record cold temperatures not seen in 25, plus, years. Cold temperatures KILL people MUCH more often that warm temperatures. Bring on the Global Warming®!!! I have compassion for my fellow man.

Obviously our lack of control over the weather is an EMERGENCY that requires draconian TAX INCREASES , massive government control of people's lives, and ENORMOUS losses of freedom to correct. LOL!!! Complete idiots.


Roger Pham

Cold temperatures may kill the weak and the sick, but heat waves also kill the weak and the sick, and heat exposure kill brain cells and make everybody dumb and dummer! The countries with the highest standard of living and GDP's are in cold and very cold climates. Doesn't that tell us something?
I'm really enjoying this cold spell, BTW.


Scott: Actually, comparing temperatures from a month-long cold spell to temperatures from a 100-year period, in the manner that you are doing it, is the very definition of cherry-picking.

Paul: Goracle has been asked repeatedly if he or she is compensated for posting, and has also been asked repeatedly if he or she posts under multiple names. To date, Goracle has not responded to either question.


The Goracle is right on at least two points.
The massive tax increases are happening so is massive government intrusion into our lives.

Just the tax is not for climate change. The US is broke, and The Goracle has pay for the poor struggling Wall St bankers. The bailout of Wall St will cost much more than fixing climate change.

And it appears the CIA and FBI and the rest of the home security apparatus, despite stellar funding, the smartest toys, and draconian legislation, still can't manage to email each other and say...the boy's dad just called and says he has a bomb in his boxers. Oh ....and he is on the way..... .

Will S

Kelly is right; one cold wave is not the equivalent of an entire years data. Plus, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest had record high temperatures last week while other areas were colder; the culprit? A sharp kink in the jet stream.



I really envy you lucky S*O*Bs on the East coast, getting all that lovely fresh snow. ;^) I live on the West coast and work for a local ski-hill and we're praying for snow but all we're getting is warm weather and rain. It's so warm we can't even make any snow overnight; our snowmakers have turned into snowhunters - digging snow out from places we don't need it and spreading on the slopes. A rival hill is planning to close until the Olympics so they can put what little snow they have left into one conservation pile and spread it out later. Even Whistler is looking at getting nothing but rain for the next week, at least.

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