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Taiwan to Increase Government Support of Li-ion Technology for EV Market

Panasonic EV Energy to Boost Output Capacity 40%

Nikkei. Panasonic EV Energy Co., the joint venture between Toyota Motor Corp. and Panasonic Corp. that produces battery packs for Toyota’s hybrids plans to boost output capacity at a hybrid battery plant in Taiwa, Miyagi Prefecture.

The expansions to 200,000 units in April, then 300,000 units by autumn, up from 100,000 now, will bring the battery maker’s overall output capacity to 1.1 million, a 40% jump from the end of last year.

The joint venture this month started mass production of nickel-hydrogen batteries at the Miyagi site. The batteries are used in Toyota’s Prius hybrids.


Freddy Torres

This is great news. However, Panasonic seems to have the most energy dense lithium ion battery on the market (well over 200 Whr per kilogram). Why not make a final push for the transition from nickel metal hydride to lithium ion.

Account Deleted

I guess this ain't Nickel-hydrogen battery used in space crafts. Toyota uses Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery technology in Prius and plans to use lithium-ion for the plug-in variant.



The NiMH batteries currently used in the Prius have a proven track record of high reliability. The only advantage of lithium ion would be a weight saving of perhaps 20 kg.

If the lithium batteries were cheaper, then there would be some justification. But they are more expensive, so there is absolutely no reason for taking the risk. Never change a winning team.


The thing to remember? This is just an announcement of an increased output capacity at a hybrid battery ***plant*** not an increase of the battery's energy output. They're saying they are making more batteries, they are not saying they're making better batteries.


If you only use 1 kWh in an HEV, size and weight may not be the main consideration. Cost and longevity could be more important factors.

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