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QuantumSphere Introduces Higher Performance, Lower Cost Emissions Control Catalysts

QuantumSphere, Inc., a developer of advanced catalyst materials, high-performance electrode systems, and related process chemistries for portable power and clean-tech applications (earlier post), has introduced its nano-enhanced emissions technologies (NEET)—high-performance nano metal catalyst dispersions designed for a wide variety of emission control devices.

QuantumSphere’s NEET formulation has demonstrated a measured improvement in efficiency, reduction in precious metal loading and cost, and overall durability, according to the company.

Certain nanometals produced by QuantumSphere have been optimized as emissions control catalysts, reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and other pollutants generated by internal combustion engines used in light and heavy duty vehicles as well as off-road and stationary applications.

QuantumSphere says that the highly reactive properties of its nanocatalysts can reduce cost up to 35% and increase performance up to 25%, depending on the application. This is achieved by removing more pollutants using less precious metals, such as platinum and rhodium, typically used in the manufacture of catalytic converters. Furthermore, these nanometals have anti-sintering properties that improve the durability of the emissions control devices, thereby extending the operating life.

QuantumSphere says it is currently engaged with several companies and supply-chain providers in the emission control industry to demonstrate how its nanometals can be applied in the manufacturing process to improve performance and durability while lowering costs.



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