Governor George Pataki Calls for 40% Penetration of Electric Drive Vehicles in US by End of Decade
Remy International, Inc. Supplying HVH Electric Motors to Daimler for 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Two-Mode Hybrid

Remy to Continue Supplying Motors for GM-Allison Hybrid Drive Systems Through 2014

Remy International, Inc. has reached a long term agreement with Allison Transmission to continue supplying Remy electric motors for the GM-Allison Hybrid EP40 and EP50 systems through the end of 2014.

Remy will continue to supply Allison with the stator housing assembly and two rotor assemblies for the EP40 and EP50 systems. Remy will continue supplying current volume levels and will increase volume with demand.

The EP40 and EP50 systems are infinitely variable speed hybrids that automatically choose to operate in a parallel or series hybrid path to maximize efficiency and minimize emission, fuel consumption, and noise.

Today the GM-Allison Hybrid Drive Systems with Remy electric motor technology are on the roads in over 94 cities worldwide. The GM-Allison Hybrid EP40 and EP50 systems are the most advanced two-mode parallel hybrids for buses on the market.

Remy International was recently awarded a $60 million grant under the Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative.



Great news, if ALL the city buses were hybrid, we could really save fuel and clean up the air. No more roaring and black smoke when they pull away from the curb.


Not to mention good news for city budgets. Need the same tech. for waste trucks/mail trucks/etc.

Stan Peterson

These hybrids do a fine job. They improve bus mileage from 1-1.5mpg to 1.75-2.0 miles per gallon!

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