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Toyota Launching “G” Sports Conversion Series; Includes Hybrids

Toyota plans to begin a gradual rollout in Japan in mid-2010 of its newly developed “G Sports” (G) sports conversion car series. The G series name is based on the G associated with classic Toyota sports models like the Toyota 2000GT and the Celica GT-Four, and may include G versions of hybrids such as the Prius, or the GRMN sports hybrid concept shown at Tokyo’s Auto Salon, one of the world’s largest customized car shows.

The GRMN Sports Hybrid concept. Click to enlarge.

The series, to be sold through Toyota-brand dealers, is meant to offer to a wider range of people the “automotive seasoning” that TMC has pursued through its GAZOO Racing activities.

The G series is designed for customers who strongly desire to own a unique vehicle, offering them a personalized interior and exterior design along with sports-driving performance. TMC has directly designed this sports conversion series, instead of the conventional approach of outsourcing development to a customization firm.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 Prius G Sports Concept. Click to enlarge.

The base vehicle of the G series is equipped with internal and external components that include sports suspension, aerodynamic parts and racing-style seats. In addition to the FT-86 Concept rear-wheel drive compact sports car and the Lexus LFA shown at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, plans call for TMC’s sports model lineup to expand through the introduction of conversion models and sports-trim models of mass-produced vehicle series, such as the GRMN and G series.

Toyota says that it intends to help foster a motorsports culture by also actively participating in grassroots motorsports events, Formula Nippon and SUPER GT in Japan, and NASCAR in the United States.


richard schumacher

At last, the dawn of the era of green muscle cars! I'll call mine "The Incredible Hulk".


Yes RS, there are and there will be enough machos around to buy a few million muscle green cars. However, not all of them can afford those high price toys.

The Tesla is selling well enough.

Henry Gibson

There are some cars that advertise more horsepower than the semitrailer tractor trucks. ..HG..

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