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UK Electricity Distributor Trialing Two Smith Electric Vehicles Edisons

UK electricity company Western Power Distribution (WPD) has purchased two Smith Electric Vehicles Edison vans. The electricity distribution network operator has deployed electric vans in Plymouth and Cardiff.

A WPD Edison van. Click to enlarge.

If trials of the first two vehicles are successful, WPD will look at introducing more battery-powered vans into its fleet.

The Smith Edison panel van is a pure electric version of the Ford Transit that is driven by an electric motor and powered by lithium-ion batteries. Designed and built in the UK by Smith Electric Vehicles, Edison has a top speed of 50 mph and a range of up to 80 miles on a single battery charge. A full recharge takes six to eight hours.

Electric vans are ideal for our fleet, as a large proportion of our service and maintenance vehicles travel well under 100 miles a day.

—John Brooks, WPD Transport Manager



Between 1996 and 2002 alone, over 5,000 EV's were driven in California and other states. If only 2,000 EV's were driven 40 miles daily during 5 years, that is:

2,000x40x5x365 = 146,000,000 miles!!

How many million mies of 'trailings' are really needed?


I agree. They should get on with it. There are around 100 years of experience in using electric vehicles in the post office!


I understand your impatience, but imagine the vans aren't fit for their mission (for a reason other than technical, since as you have pointed out, that should be settled), then the person who ordered at once so many electric vans with no trials gets hanged.
Since nobody wants to get hanged, they do trials all the time.
I guess most companies will do trials before switching, as I guess most did before switching from horse to ICE.

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