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365 Energy Enables Cross-border Billing and Roaming for EV Users in Amsterdam and Bochum

365 Energy and the cities of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Bochum, Germany have started operations of a cross-country billing and roaming system for EV charging. The platform allows for electric vehicles (EVs) to be charged in various European cities by using a single customer ID card issued by the municipalities.

With the networked billing and roaming, EV users will not only be able to access ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations in Europe with the same ID, they will also receive an integrated invoice at the end of each billing period.

There will be no extra charge for roaming, since these cities open their ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for each other. In the near future, this will enable EV drivers to buy the electricity from their preferred provider.

The city of Amsterdam and the city of Bochum’s public utility company Stadtwerke Bochum GmbH have been the first to install ChargePoint charging stations in the Netherlands and Germany, respectively, and are again front-runners to offer EV users this service. Other European cities, such as London and Lisbon and Milan are expected to follow.

ChargePoint Networked Charging Stationsare developed by US-based Coulomb Technologies and exclusively marketed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by 365 Energy. The ChargePoint Network is open to all drivers of electric vehicles and provides authentication, management, and real-time control through multiple web-based portals for hosts, fleet managers, drivers, and utilities.

365 Energy is the international partner of Coulomb Technologies and an investment management company belonging to Estag Capital AG in Berlin.



While the US debates, "Will EV's sell?" a dozen years after we would only "lease and crush", other nations take the lead..



You may very be correct. While USA plays politics at various (all) levels, other countries may very well take the lead with the application of new technologies.

That's what happened with very high speed electrified trains etc.

With lobbies and interested groups running the show, governing USA will be a major endeavour and not always a success.

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