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CleanFUEL USA, a leader in alternative fuel dispensing equipment and engine technology, is working with one of the largest distributors of propane, Ferrellgas Partners, L.P., to increase the availability of propane engine fuel at retail refueling stations across the US. The Department of Energy (DOE) awarded CleanFUEL USA $12.9 million as Part of the Clean Start initiative to construct the nation’s first and largest propane refueling network. Ferrellgas will support the station rollouts in 11 cities as the designated fuel partner.

Dallas-Fort Worth is the first metro area CleanFUEL USA and Ferrellgas are jointly targeting to develop 8-10 propane refueling stations. The companies expect to break ground on the first Dallas-Fort Worth station in the third quarter of 2010, which will be followed with projects in Austin, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Indianapolis, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio and St. Louis.

Ferrellgas plays an essential role in the selected cities in helping to identify locations, submit permits, construct sites, train employees, provide fuel and maintain the systems ongoing.

DFW is the fourth largest metro area in the country, and includes many school districts, municipal entities and private businesses operating fleet vehicles with propane. Propane is the most widely used fuel after gasoline and diesel. Now CleanFUEL USA and Ferrellgas are making propane even more accessible to fleets and private users. This national fueling infrastructure project greatly enhances propane’s reputation as the ‘right now’ cleaner-burning and more economical alternative fuel.

—Tony Dale, Ferrellgas national director of engine fuels/Autogas

Propane yields 87% less hydrocarbons and 50% fewer toxins than gasoline, and costs approximately 40-50% less per gallon than gasoline and diesel. With propane engine advancements, such as CleanFUEL USA’s liquid propane injection system built for GM platforms using Icom’s JTG technology (manufactured by Icom North America), fleets have vehicle options that provide a mix of driving range, durability and performance.

The Clean Start initiative is led by Texas State Technical College and involves the installation of 184 public-accessible liquid propane (Autogas) refueling stations and service/ training centers in select US cities, with support from grant partners CleanFUEL USA and ConocoPhillips. Funded by the Department of Energy, the program is intended to jump-start the development of the nation’s first large-scale Autogas refueling network for retail consumers as well as municipal, state and private fleets.



What the heck took so long? The real story here is that propane burns so much cleaner than diesel and gasoline that the combustion cylinders stay clean and last 2 to 3 times longer with fewer oil changes. Car companies have resisted this because of their insistence on planned obsolescence. Thanks to the ubiquitous backyard barbeque, suburban America is already loaded with refill stations.


Propane and DME are good fuels. It is the availability on a large scale that is in question. Distribution is also a major concern. It is one thing to supply some BBQs and another to supply a whole fleet of trucks.

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