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Raytheon Company Awards Work Order to Cyclone Power Technologies

Cyclone Power Technologies received a new design work order for its heat-regenerative external combustion engine from Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS). (Earlier post.)

Pursuant to the work order, Cyclone will be developing preliminary designs, specifications and test parameters on a compact 10 hp (7.5 kW) external combustion engine for use in various power applications.

The proposed Cyclone engine would be designed to run on both traditional fuels and a monopropellant called Moden Fuel, which can combust in the absence of oxygen. (Moden Fuel was originally developed by James R. Moden, Inc. to power US Navy torpedoes.)

In October 2009, Cyclone completed its first-phase Independent Research and Development contract for Raytheon IDS, which involved performing certain load-based dynamometer tests on the Mark II Engine, and also running the engine on Moden Fuel. The results from these tests were reviewed and validated at the time by Raytheon IDS, a business of Raytheon Company.



Could a similar engine be used for a small on-board genset for PHEVs?

Roger Pham

But why? Just make a bigger engine to power the whole vehicle directly, and run it on biogas, waste biomass, forestry wastes, or any kind of fuels you care to put in it.


Cyclone is good for waste heat recovery or external combustion. Use one of these after a turbine or an internal combustion Otto or Diesel and you have something, use it on its own and not so much.

It is a radial rankine steam engine. It has its place but so do organic rankine turbines. Use a Tesla turbine with an engineered fluid and you can get the efficiency without the complexity.

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