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Ford Launches Dealer Sustainability Program In Partnership with RMI

Ford Motor Company is launching a voluntary sustainability initiative for Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers—the Go Green Dealership Sustainability Program—to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the energy-efficiency of their dealerships.

Ford has partnered on the initiative with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), an organization recognized as a leader in providing energy-efficiency solutions to businesses, communities and organizations around the world.

Dealers interested in participating in the Go Green Dealership Sustainability Program will first receive a comprehensive energy assessment from sustainability experts at Ford. After the thorough assessment is completed, Ford and the dealer will collaborate on energy-saving options available and will tailor a program to meet the needs of the dealer. Solutions are wide-ranging and can be implemented for dealers with existing facilities as well as dealers who are constructing new facilities.

Dealers who participate in the program will be able to take advantage of several benefits, including guidance on available State and Federal tax credits and incentives, as well as access to technical expertise and resources to assist with selection of energy-efficient products and equipment.

Ford is finalizing details to initiate a pilot program with three dealers located in Florida, New York and Nevada.



Fantastic! A press release without a mention of GHG or CO2!! The message is being heard.


Hey, its getting greener all the time!

We have noticed a huge increase in the sales of "green" cars. They were up by almost 22% in our auto liquidation sales.

Matter of fact, look at our inventory, at least one out of 10 vehicles are eco-friendly.

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