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Green Grand Prix Plans Double Header Again for 2010

Drivers of alternate fueled vehicles, hybrids and fuel-efficient, gasoline-powered cars will again have two unique opportunities to test their vehicles at the 6th Annual Green Grand Prix in Watkins Glen on 8 May. This year, organizers are offering the event’s signature road rally through the region as well as a fuel economy competition for all classes of vehicles.

The Green Grand Prix is based at the International Motor Racing Research Center ( on South Decatur Street in Watkins Glen and the adjacent Watkins Glen school district grounds. Other activities include educational displays, speakers, cars on display, exhibits, music and food.

Both road events are open to anyone, and organizers anticipate vehicles that will include all hybrid models, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell cars and cars running on biodiesel, diesel, flex-fuel and pure electric. Organizers also expect many other alternate fueled vehicles such as those powered by vegetable oil, as well as by LP and compressed natural gas.

The Doris Bovee Memorial Road Rally is the only official Sports Car Club of America road rally of

its kind in the nation. The time-speed-distance rally covers more than 60 miles of scenic roadways It honors the memory of well-known area environmentalist Doris Bovee, who taught for many years in the Corning-Painted Post school district and was known for her love of plants and birds. She also was involved with SCCA road rallies and was part of the Glen Region SCCA ( at its inception.

The ChicagoSoft Green Grand Prix Fuel Economy Run presented by will offer its competitors the opportunity to set fuel economy records in various categories around the 80-mile perimeter of Seneca Lake.

Entries are now being accepted for the Doris Bovee Memorial Road Rally and the ChicagoSoft Green Grand Prix Fuel Economy Run. Online registration and other information can be found at


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