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GM Sets New January Sales Record in China

General Motors and its joint ventures in China sold 219,192 vehicles in January. GM both topped 200,000 unit sales for the first time and set a new sales mark for the month of January in China. Sales were up 97.0% from the first month of 2009.

Sales of vehicles by Shanghai GM jumped 150.1% on an annual basis to 90,202 units, its highest January sales ever. Sales of both Buick and Chevrolet also reached all-time highs for the first month of the year.

Buick sales rose 90.6% to 46,853 units. All of the brand’s passenger car models enjoyed sales growth, with demand for the new LaCROSSE surpassing 9,000 units for the second consecutive month. The launch of the Excelle XT coupe-like sedan further strengthened Buick’s momentum.

Chevrolet sales jumped 206.8% to 49,475 units due largely to strong sales of the Lova and Epica. The Chevrolet New Sail small car got off to a solid start, with 6,924 sold in its first month on the market. Sales of the Cruze, Chevrolet’s most popular model in China, surpassed 17,000 units in January.

Cadillac also had a strong start to the year, with sales rising 167.1%. Sales of the luxury brand benefited from demand for the new SLS rising more than 500%.

SAIC-GM-Wuling had record January sales of 119,969 units, which represented a year-on-year increase of 59.6%. Its three volume models—the Wuling Sunshine and Wuling Rong Guang minivans and Chevrolet Spark mini-car—ll delivered best-ever monthly sales.

FAW-GM also enjoyed its best monthly sales since its establishment last August. Demand for the joint venture’s light-duty commercial vehicles totaled 8,795 units. In January, FAW-GM introduced the new flagship model in its Jiefang 501 truck series.



Could it be that New GMs long range future is in China + India or with JVs in those two very large countries.

Car market (+ many other markets) are shifting very fast and it may be a good idea to move where future car markets will be.

If the current trend continues, car markets in those two countries may be many times that of USA and Canada by 2030.


Harvey - you are a good CCP cheerleader. How much do they pay;)??

Peace Hugger

@ Sulleny,

Harvey is not into politics and that's a good thing.



The signs are all there to be seen. What is happening is not new. History is repeating itself at an accellerated rate.

Often, a great country (or people) is not defeated, it slowly destroys itself or its economy.

There's a lot to be learned by looking back a few hundred years.

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