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India to Contribute Formally to IPCC Process The Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment (INCCA), formed in October 2009, will now contribute formally to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This marks the first institutional level involvement of Indian scientists with the IPCC; up to now, Indian scientists have made individual contributions.

INCCA will provide its first research findings to the IPCC by November 2010, according to prime minister Manmohan Singh, and its findings will form part of the panel’s fifth assessment report, due to be finalized in 2014.

The announcements come amid international debate over an IPCC claim about the melting rate of the Himalayan glaciers (see Glacier dispute reveals holes in research) and suggestions that scientists from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, were selective about which of their climate research results they publicised.

But Singh emphasised that, despite some criticism of the IPCC’s reports, “India has full confidence in the IPCC process and its leadership and will support it in every way that it can”. [Environment minister Jairam] Ramesh said that the Indian initiative “will help fill an important scientific knowledge gap in the IPCC assessment by providing robust information at the sub-regional level”.



A hollow and transparent attempt to counter the damage caused by India's decision to drop the IPCC - publicized worldwide recently.

Sorry PR spinners - the damage is done. You will not find India following pronouncements from the IPCC in the future.

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