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Ohio Advanced Transportation Partnership to Invest $29M+ in Alt Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure Projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has cleared Clean Fuels Ohio to begin its work with the Ohio Advanced Transportation Partnership (OATP) to carry out more than $29 million in alternative fuel vehicle and infrastructure projects—the largest single investment in advanced transportation energy infrastructure and vehicle technology in the state’s history, according to Sam Spofforth, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Ohio.

The DOE awarded $11 million in ARRA funding to Clean Fuels Ohio through the its Clean Cities Grant program in August of 2009. This $11 million award catalyzed an additional $18 million in OATP partner contributions to support the deployment of 280 compressed natural gas, propane, and electric powered vehicles and 15 refueling stations. Execution of each partner’s project will be contingent upon a signed contract with Clean Fuels Ohio.

Clean Fuels Ohio is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the use of cleaner and energy-efficient domestic fuels and vehicles in order to improve air quality and health, reduce climate change, curb dependence on imported petroleum, and support Ohio’s economy.



The more I consider FFV/E85/M85 the more the oil company bottle neck looms large. It may take literally an "act of Congress" to get this going. I hope that they have the courage to resist the lobbies when it comes to pass.

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