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Number of Larger Displacement Vehicles Increasing in UK

The number of licensed vehicles in the UK with engine capacity of more than 2,000cc increased from 2.3 million in 1999 to 4.0 million in 2008, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed. The figures also showed that the number of licensed cars with engine capacity of less than 1,000cc has declined by 19 per cent over the same period.

Big is not always bad. The increase in cars with engine capacity of more than 2,000cc is not necessarily a reflection that more people have bought gas guzzlers as, for this category of car, CO2 emissions have decreased by approximately 20% over the period.

The figures also reflect the migration to diesel executive cars, from just 10% to 75% over the period. Diesel cars tend to have larger cubic capacity than their equivalent petrol model but are more fuel efficient. The two-liter car today is much cleaner, greener and safer than its decade-old predecessor.

—AA president Edmund King

The figures, part of the latest social trends publication from ONS, show that transport and travel costs account for 16% of all household expenditure in Britain, little different from a decade ago.

Only 22% of households had no car in 2008 compared with as many as 86% in 1951. More than a quarter have two cars.


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That does not represent the current trend (2007 to 2009) that is overwhelming in support of smaller displacement/downsizing. See link below for precise data. The flaw of the study is the applied time frame which is really not interesting.

The Goracle


What?!?! Everyone doesn't want to be trapped in a dangerous micro-box buzzing around town? We obviously need to jail them or get rid of them all together.



Old data = wrong conclusion.

Stan Peterson

Further proof that as wealth increases, the A-segment volume declines...

Some cars are just too small.


It may be evidence of something, but hardly "proof" of anything.


Its evidence of people swithcing over to Diesel's which do have a larger displacement for adeuqtae performance but better mileage compared to petrol engines.

The stat's will no doubt be seized upon by the ecomental lobby and manipulated to the detriment of the motorist. The point made by the AA is a valid one.

I for one would prefer to switch to diesel rather than a smaller car, as my car journeys are typically long trips with at least me and a passenger and lots of luggage - after all this was what a car was designed for - not taking kids a quarter of a mile to school of sitting in commuter traffic.


This is good news. The global warming extremists have not been as successful as I feared.

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