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Poll Shows Decline in UK Public Conviction About Climate Change

The Guardian. A new poll by Ipsos Mori has found that the proportion of adults in the UK who believe that climate change is “definitely” a reality dropped by more than 30% over the last year, from 44% to 31%.

Overall around nine out of 10 people questioned still appear to accept some degree of global warming. But the steep drop in those without doubts will raise fears that it will be harder to persuade the public to support actions to curb the problem, particularly higher prices for energy and other goods. The true level of doubt is also probably underestimated because the poll only questioned 16 to 64-year-olds. People over 65 are more likely to be sceptical, the researchers said.

Another finding by the poll that hints at a growing lack of public confidence is a significant drop in those who said climate change was caused by human activities. One year ago this number was one in three, but this year just one in five people believes global warming to be man-made, according to Edward Langley, Ipsos Mori’s head of environment research.

Although some research among UK consumers has shown cynicism resulting from questions in popular culture and the mass media over the credibility of climate science and data, a recent poll for the BBC suggested that these events have had less influence on British public opinion than the cold winter. The BBC poll found that 25% of people thought climate change was not happening, compared with 15% in November last year.

Findings of the poll included:

  • 31% said climate change was definitely happening
  • 29% said “it’s looking like it could be a reality”
  • 31% said the problem was exaggerated—a category which rose by 50% compared to a year ago
  • 6% said climate change was not happening at all
  • 3% said they did not know



Just fascinating. Considering the source agency with a name that roughly means "Our Dead."

Does the moribund comedy ever end in this world? The fact is only the corrupt portions of the AGW campaign are dying. That is the quite silly notion that the Earth has warmed due entirely to man made CO2. Were this not a rather underhanded and unscientific vehicle for a global carbon tax - it might have passed muster. It has not.

Γνωρίζουν την αλήθεια και αυτό που θα σας δωρεάν.

Stan Peterson

While supposedly free American media refuses, stoutly, to carry or report the stories of AGW corruption, prevarications and, and manufactured truths.

It doesn't seem to matter, the truth is getting out. When Mr.Obama, at the State of the Union speech, raised the continued need for 'Ration and Tax', there was Silence, and snickers of Laughter in the majority Democrat and minority Republican galleries.


Climate change is a very complex issue, and people don't like things they can't grasp.

I haven't seen any proof of evolutionary theory, but the fact that most scientists seem to believe it is enough for me. Same for climate change. Let the experts do their job. Just send me the exec summary.


I think a lot of people have Attention Deficit Disorder with respect to issues like this. They can't comprehend why something that was a problem 10 years ago has not gone away just because they are sick of hearing about it, don't understand it or don't know what to do about it. Nobody wants to think about the war in Iraq anymore either, but last I checked we still had lots of troops there and quite a few being killed every month.


Is it possible that two mid-East Coast snow storms convinced more naysayers that the warming period is over?

At the same time, 1000 Km north of Washington DC, Feb 2010 will be the warmest such month in recorded history with rain instead of snow. Today may be the exception with snow but turning to rain soon. Vancouver had to transport xxxxx tonnes of snow to the Olympic sites due to extremely mild and rainy February 2010.

North of the USA border will have the warmest February of the last 2++ centuries and more to come in March 2010.

The North is definately still warming up at an increasing rate. The tree line will be moving North soon.


Great news that the tree line is moving north. More CO2 will be taken up by all those new trees.


A.D.D here applies well to U.S. media, climate PR agencies, NOAA, NASA, EPA etc., and academia, who block their ears when they are told their top climate scientist, Dr. Phil Jones of the famous Climatic Research Unit has confessed:

There is no statistically significant global warming since 1995.


The lobbyists have learnt well from the campaign to disparage the science around the link between smoking and lung cancer. You don't have to disprove the science of human induced climate change just create the impression there are doubts around it and the public lose confidence. Scientists generally aren't good publicists and can't compete with the suave presentation of the fossil fuel lobbyists.

Unfortunately action on climate change requires government regulation and that also taps into the rich vein of paranoia about big government, taxes etc. Smart regulation could allow for transition to a low carbon economy at minimal cost while creating a whole new employment sector. Even the sceptics grudgingly admit that clean, breathable air is a positive result of moving away from burning fossil fuels.


The planet Mercury has little atmosphere with an average surface temperature of 340 degrees Kelvin(K).

Venus is roughly twice Mercury's distance from the sun, thereby receiving one fourth the radiant energy.

But because the Venus atmosphere is mostly CO2, the average temperature is 735 K - twice, not one fourth, the Mercury temperature.

If atmospheric CO2 increases, surface temperature increases - whatever the planet. Is this in question?


kelly, unfortunately, yes.
Anything implying that our lifestyle might need to be modified is attacked as 'lies', and unsavory motives are imagined.

The Goracle


danm, When you say "anything implying that our lifestyle might need to be modified is attacked as 'lies', and unsavory motives are imagined," do you support all religions that insist that everyone repent, and change their ways, or just the Gobalwarmism faith?

In the 1970's "science" (yes - the best and the brightest) insisted that Global Cooling was going to kill us all. "Scientists" wanted governments to coat Antarctica with black soot, or set off nuclear weapons, to melt the ice, delaying the devastating results of the guaranteed, impending, global cooling. Now, Global Warming® (since rebranded Climate Change®, since rebranded CO2 Pollution®) is insisting on drastic measures based only on models of the future - models that do not match recent history. And people call the ones who question Big Government "science" stupid. LOL!!!

Drastic increases in taxes, massive losses of freedom, and an ever expanding, incompetent, government bureaucracy are NOT the answers to Earth's naturally changing climate cycles.

Now lets get back to "you are stoopid," "Oh, yeah," and my personal favorite posted on GCC: "Climate Change is all Bush's fault," comments!




Don't forget... "Praise be to Algore!"


It is not surprising that climate warming
naysayers have many common traits:

1) Dislike for strong resposible governments.

2) Dislike for all forms of taxation.

3) Dislike of national health care systems.

4) Dislike of most social support programs.

5) Dislike of all cleaner industries, wind and sun power generation.

6) Active support for all major lobbies.

7) Support for Wall Street speculators, Big Banks & Insurances and Embezzlers.

8) Support for Tobacco and Oil firms.

9) Strong support for polluting heavy vehicles.

10) Major support for Coal fired power plants.

1) Strong lasting support for oil wars.


odds that GW exists are now down below 90%

chances it’s man cause (AGW) are down below 80%

the odds that it will not reverse itself are maybe 95%

that man has the technology and money to reverse it; about 85%, .
that the US will significantly reduce CO2 are about 50%

that the world can and will significantly reduce CO2 if we, in the US radically reduce CO2 70%

Overall odds that we should try to cut CO2 because it won't hurt, 17%

Roger Pham

CO2 is a greenhouse gas. More CO2 concentration on the atmosphere, more heat retention by the earth and increase in global temperature. WE can't continue to release gargantuan amounts of CO2 into the air and expect that no harm will come of it. Come on, AGW Deniers! Keep it very simple, Cause and Effect...and Consequences.

In merely a blink of the eye in geologic time frame, mankind has managed to enormously increase the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Look at what CO2 has done to warm up Venus!

Why is it so hard to understand that we must halt the use of fossil fuels? There are alternatives available that will help us gain energy independence, clean up our environment and prevent future oil spills and coal pollutions, AND create millions of HIGH PAYING MANUFACTURING JOBS...What are we waiting for?

The Goracle

It is not surprising that members of the Globalwarmisim religion have many common traits:

1: The strong dislike, if not hate, of mankind

2: The revulsion to discussing the merits of issues

3: Name calling rather than rational discussion

4: Retribution against non-believers

5: That one must repent of his perceived sin against their god: Mother Earth

6: That Climate Change is a political issue and hate must be directed towards a political parties with regard to Earth's naturally changing climate.

7: That hate is considered a virtue

8: That all humans MUST do as they say or bear their wrath - go to jail even.

9: That ALL who do not subscribe to their religion are too stupid to understand (yes, the dissenting PhD's, and all).

10: The elimination of reasonable health care for all replaced by a poorly run, expensive, system where government officials and politicians decide what health care individuals can have.

1: That they are free to live as they like but the government must force others to live the way they want them to live.

The Goracle


Look at what CO2 has done to warm up Venus!

LOL!!! Yes, those evil SUVs driving around on Venus have DRASTICALLY changed the climate of Venus. LOL!!! Good one!

Praise be to Algore!


richard schumacher

On the other hand that poor dumb bastard Bill Gates has now been taken in by the climate hoaxers. See

Oh no! Quick, everyone: write to him at and tell him what a fool he is.


Science proves: If atmospheric CO2 increases, surface temperature increases. Atmospheric CO2 is increasing.

This is undeniable and ignorance is no excuse nor reprieve.

The Goracle


Science proves: Atmospheric CO2 increases are LAGGING indicators of increases in temperature. (I understand that this is a difficult concept for many of you so, please, take your time.)

This is undeniable and ignorance is no excuse nor reprieve.

Do'h!!! We're now at a stalemate. Time for you to continue with the name calling and ask for more government involvement.



Science proves: If atmospheric CO2 increases (lead/lag/in phase), surface temperature increases. Atmospheric CO2 is increasing.

This is undeniable and ignorance is no excuse nor reprieve



the price of admission to old fashioned PR is fealty to old fashioned global warming. Bill Gates' goal is to get his traveling wave nuclear reactor idea exposed and accepted. Not unlike earmarks to get a bill passed.

The idea for nuclear waste consumption appears to be a good one. I'm a bit unclear on how the reaction is controlled however.


People, people! Don't get your panties in a bunch! It'll all be all right. In about 5 years, when we've pumped the last ounce of cheap oil out of the ground, and the atmosphere has turned into a worldwide sauna, some land gouging multi-national will tear into the JUST wrong piece of scenery, either in South America or Africa, and will end up releashing the mother of all hell-fire diseases known to man.
Death will be swift and painful and will waft on the breeze and swim in the rivers. Mothers will hug their children only to watch them bleed to death in their arms. Grown men will weep openly as everyone around them dies in horrible agony and they realize they will be next. Misery, suffering, and the stench of dead bodies piled on street corners will be commonplace all over the globe. No one will be spared, and no one should.
Then, when about 3/4 of the world's population is croaked and feeding an ever-growing rat population (Hey, them eyes are tasty!), nature will slowly resume her balance and temper her anger, always keeping one eye on us hairless monkeys.
And maybe, just maybe, we will be smart enough to recognize we brought this upon ourselves and will begin a new era of restrained growth and learning to live within our means and the earth's.
Of course, you'll still have those who will blame all the rats for the problems. Those people will be immediately taken out and shot, in order to prevent the sins of the past.
Sweet Dreams!


richard schumacher,

Thanks for the Ted link. When Bill Gates talks, people listen.



That's some damned fine hellfire you got! You ever work Caroline's in NY?

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