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Quantum Selected by the US Postal Service to Supply Electric Delivery Vehicle

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., was selected by the US Postal Service (USPS) to produce an advanced electric postal delivery vehicle based on the widely used Long Life Vehicle (LLV) platform. Quantum was competitively selected, along with 4 other companies (earlier post), for participation in a 1 year demonstration and validation program to be conducted by the USPS in Washington DC.

Under this program, Quantum will integrate its Quantum Quiet high efficiency battery electric drive system into a Grumman LLV. Quantum will supply the Quiet electric drive system that has been optimized for the specific requirements of the USPS, by incorporating a number of advanced features to maximize the efficiency of the electric drive system while operating in the typical 500-700 stops per day use of a postal delivery vehicle.

The 20-25 mile usage range of the USPS vehicle is compatible with the energy storage capability of the advanced lithium battery used in Quantum’s electric drive system.

The short range mail routes with numerous stops make postal delivery vehicles an ideal application for a battery electric vehicle with regenerative braking features.

A successful demonstration could pave the way to broad adoption of battery electric vehicles in the USPS fleet. Electrification of the 178,000-strong LLV segment of the postal delivery fleet, the largest civilian fleet in the country, would help reduce emissions across the country and reduce dependence on petroleum while supporting the continued development of the US EV industry.



Wasn't that fully demonstrated 10+ years ago with the Toyota RAV-4 BEV?

Postal services in most countries is ideal for BEVs.


Yet another excuse to raise the price of stamps (grrrrrrr!) instead of cutting costs elsewhere (saturday mail delivery really necessary?).

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