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SAE International to Host Vehicle Battery Summit in Shanghai

SAE International will hold a Vehicle Battery Summit in Shanghai, China, 1-2 September 2010. The event intends to bring together engineers, scientists and corporate decision makers from the battery, automotive, utility and lithium mining industries. The Summit is co-sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), and organized in cooperation with Advanced Automotive Batteries USA and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC).

The Summit is designed to provide corporate-level engineering and business decision makers with an assessment of current and near term Li-ion battery systems alternatives and capabilities; as well as critical marketplace and supply chain information.

The program compares technological advances occurring worldwide, including developments in the Europe, Taiwan, Korea, the US and in particular China. It also examines growth projections for the electrified vehicle/battery markets and explores their implications for the global marketplace—thereby providing the insight required for optimum business decision-making. Reliability and safety issues as well as other challenges the industry faces, including standardization, will also be addressed.

Menahem Anderman, Ph.D., will serve as chairperson for the summit. Dr. Anderman, President of Advanced Automotive Batteries, USA and founder of Total Battery Consulting, Inc., is a broad-based battery expert who has taken both lithium- and nickel-based products from material research, through product development, and into the marketplace. He is a well-known inventor, speaker, and author, and is a recognized authority in technology assessment and battery technology legal cases.

More details will be published on the event website as they become available.


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