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smart fortwo cdi Brings Emissions Down to 86 gCO2/km

Engineers at smart have shaved another 2 gCO2/km from the smart fortwo cdi, bringing emissions down to 86 g/km (3.3 L/100km or 71.3 mpg US) in the manual “softip” mode.

The measures taken included an improvement in the vehicle’s aerodynamics. A reduction in ride height by seven millimeters, for example, resulted in improved rolling resistance characteristics.

We continue to work hard to make our smart models even more environmentally friendly. The smart fortwo cdi—the past and the present CO2 champion—is proof of this. And the next level of sustainable drives is ready to go: the smart fortwo electric drive has already been proving itself in everyday use in London for three years. Series production of 1,000 vehicles started in November 2009. From 2012 the dream of motoring with no local emissions will become a reality for everyone. Lots of people are talking about electric drive—but we already have it on the road.

—Marc Langenbrinck, Managing Director of the smart brand



Good work Smart.

Keep it going, specially with a common sense e-car in the near future.


Considering large SUV numbers might be over 400, it is good to have some products offered that are around 100.

People still look at the EPA mileage sticker on the window, but it could include these numbers as well. There is a direct correlation between fuel burned and CO2 numbers per mile.

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