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UK TSB Awards £7M for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology Demonstrator Projects

The UK Technology Strategy Board recently announced that it will invest £7 million (US$10.8 million) on behalf of the government in 15 fuel cell and hydrogen technology demonstrator projects. The capital funding provided by the program, devised by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Technology Strategy Board, will be used to accelerate the demonstration of products for both the stationary power and transport markets.

Examples of projects funded through the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Demonstrator Programme include:

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Demonstrator Programme
ProjectGranteesDescription Total cost/
TSB Funds
10 kW Fuel Cell CHP Demonstration IE CHP (UK & Eire) Ltd (lead), SSE plc, Element Energy Ltd, Logan Energy Ltd The aim of the project is to build, install, operate and demonstrate a 10 kW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Combined Heat & Power system in a high profile demonstration programme to accelerate the development and potential for commercial exploitation in large domestic (multi-dwelling) and light commercial applications. £2,255,987
Ammonia-based, fuel cell distributed power units to lower cost of cell phone telecommunication (Ammonia for Power = A4P) Diverse Energy Ltd (lead), Afrox (a Division of Linde Gas), Leading Light Software Services (L2S2), Balton CP, Centre for Process Innovation Teesside. (CPI) Description of project: This project will demonstrate the world’s first use of ammonia as a low-carbon hydrogen carrier to power continuously running, distributed fuel cell power generation products in a major field trial. The technology, entitled the PowerCube, has been initially designed to power mobile telecommunications towers in developing countries and regions without a reliable electrical grid. The PowerCube is a turnkey, self-contained 24/7 base-load distributed power supply with twin fuel cell systems. £2,354,924/
Fuel Cell London Taxi Demonstrator Programme Intelligent Energy (lead), Lotus Engineering, LTI, TRW Conekt This project will contribute to the vehicle certification and demonstration of Intelligent Energy’s current work on the Zero Emission London Taxi. The current development, build and test programme did not intend that the fuel cell hybrid Black Cab vehicles be prepared (and certified accordingly) to run on public roads in public demonstration format. This additional programme is therefore aimed at vehicle certification, formal demonstration on public roads, specifically in London, in advance of future fleet running, and running at key events. (Earlier post.) £1,942,168/


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