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“This Week in Batteries” Blog from Berkeley Lab Scientist Venkat Srinivasan

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab staff scientist Venkat Srinivasan has launched a blog, “This Week in Batteries” (TWIB), to “to be an (arguably) independent expert evaluating the various news items that come across my virtual desk and provide some objective analysis to help you separate the truth from the hype” about electrochemical energy storage.

Srinivasan works with a team of researchers at Berkeley Lab as part of the Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies program.

I will start the blog with a few generic postings to set the stage for what is possible with batteries. We will start by talking about limits of energy density of batteries and ask why the development of batteries has not proceeded as well as in, say, semiconductors (short answer: moving electrons is one thing, reacting them is a whole other story). I’ll also say something about the problems in getting PHEVs/EVs on the road (in a word: cost) and ask if nanotechnology is the answer to all our problems (not really, but it has its uses). I will also deviate a bit from my comfort zone, go crazy, and say a few things about making money in the battery business (Anyone thinking about making money in the battery business is obviously crazy!)



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The link to TWIB just points to _this_ blog post. Could you post the correct link please?


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