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Alberta Increases Support for Bioenergy Products; Focus on Second-Generation Ethanol

The government of Alberta, Canada is expanding and extending an incentive program for producers of bioenergy products.

Funding under the Bioenergy Producer Credit Program is extended for five years until 2016. The program provides incentives to develop a wide variety of bioenergy products including fuels, power and heat, which will support the Renewable Fuels Standard to be implemented in April 2011.

Alberta’s current bioenergy program treats all ethanol equally. The extended program focuses on the potential for second-generation ethanol, which uses feedstocks like forestry, agricultural and municipal waste. Specifically, the program will encourage development of new technologies and facilities that use non-food crops, waste biomass or wood.

The Renewable Fuels Standard establishes benchmarks for 5% renewable alcohol in gasoline and 2% renewable diesel in diesel fuel.



Amazing what polluters will do to create a false (green) image when they are in fact the worst polluters in the country and possibly in the continent. With enough funds and PR tars sands will turn green?


Hope they keep it up. My ENCANA stock is doing just fine.


Treat ethanol from food and ethanol from waste equally? Let's HOPE there's a change.


I doubt that Alberta is very concerned with food or non-food cellulosic ethanol. This is part of a well designed PR program to make tar sands activities look better. It may reduce Alberta's yearly per capita pollution from 75/tons to 74.5/tons.

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