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Sustainable-mobility.org. The city of Amsterdam has announced a €3-million (US$4.1-million) plan aimed at promoting electric vehicle development, including subsidies towards vehicle purchase; financial assistance for companies; and incentive measures. The city is targeting 200,000 electric cars in circulation by 2040.

In 2009, the city signed a partnership with the Norwegian manufacturer Th!nk to introduce 500 electric cars.

With up to €45,000 assistance towards vehicle purchase, this plan is aimed predominantly at companies. They could also receive a special subsidy of up to €250,000, if they wish to acquire a fleet of 20 or more electric vehicles.

In addition, the city is planning to increase its electric mobility infrastructure by putting spaces reserved for electric vehicles in public car parks and by developing 200 charging stations by 2012. Preferential parking rates for electric vehicle owners are also envisaged.



This isn't going to go over well with the people of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a really bike friendly city and any promotion of cars (even electric cars) is seen as a bad idea.

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