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California Startup Aurica Motors Trying to Keep NUMMI Plant Open for Manufacturing Electric Cars, Battery Swap System

Startup electric car company Aurica Motors announced a plan to keep the NUMMI plant, which employs 4,700 people, from shutting down when Toyota leaves on 31 March. Under the proposed plan, the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California would be converted into the manufacturing facility for the Aurica Motors E-Car, an all-electric vehicle, as well as Aurica’s proposed PEP (Power Exchange Package) battery swap system.

Starting in April 2010, the NUMMI workforce would be retrained in electric car manufacturing while the plant is retooled and the final engineering of the vehicle is completed, with the first car scheduled to come off the line within 2 years. Planned production would be 5,000 cars in the first year of production, moving up to 50,000+ within three years.

Aurica is trying to obtain Federal economic stimulus funding to convert NUMMI to electric car manufacturing, but is also open to private financing.

The Aurica E-Car features four electric motors (one for each wheel), controlled by its proprietary drive electronics. The batteries can be recharged either by plugging into the grid, or exchanged in 3 minutes for a battery charged with renewable energy at an Aurica Power Exchange Package (PEP) swapping station. The PEP station concept is not compatible with the Better Place system.

Aurica envisions a battery swap in 3 minutes or less. Recharged batteries may be charged from the grid, at first, but as more Auricas are made and more solar and wind energy sources are constructed, the quick swap batteries will be completely recharged with renewable power, according to the company’s plan.



1. Who are these guys? Have they got a chance?
2. It would be really cool to keep that factory viable. You would think with so many shuttered car factories, the price would be low.
3. They don't talk battery specifics. Is Aurica just betting that they can grab the best off-the-shelf battery in 2 years and be viable?


This is the plant that made the Matrix/Vibe. Since Pontiac is no more Toyota decided to give it up. They tried to sell the whole thing to G.M. but they declined.

I have never heard of this company and their web site looks like it was set up to do just this, save the plant and build electric cars. If they can show that they will have customers then more power to them.

The issue is not whether they have something new, but if they can succeed. Dell Computer had nothing new, they just had a different model. We talk about innovation in this country but then let new ideas die on the vine due to lack of funding.

Henry Gibson

If people have to swap a battery they will not buy the car. It should be a plug-in-hybrid with a fuel powered generator. ..HG..


Henry, you won't buy the car. Let the other people speak for themselves!


They don't even have a prototype of a vehicle and they think someone will give them the cash to buy a plant that's far too big for other established companies.

Dreaming in 3-D technicolor. Seriously. I'll have what they're having.


Definitely a fantasy. Amazing how many startups are getting into the game. It'd be nice if a few viable companies would unite to insure success. Reminds me of the shakedown the automotive industry went through in the first half of last century. Amusing.


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