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Electric Car Company Aurica Motors Enters Two Partnerships for Manufacturing Training and Engineering

Electric car company Aurica Motors, which plans to retool the NUMMI plant in California to build not only electric cars but compatible battery charging stations (earlier post), has entered two partnerships in support of its mission.

  • The Clean Tech Institute in Santa Clara has agreed to develop a training curriculum for electric auto manufacturing. Aurica intends to have swappable batteries charged with solar and wind power, and will need employees with renewable energy expertise as well as knowledge of electric car manufacturing. The Clean Tech Institute has been training professionals for careers in clean technology for the past 3 years, and has received a grant from the US Department of Labor, under the President's High Growth Training Initiative.

  • Motive Industries in Calgary, Canada is a specialized vehicle design, prototyping and production engineering company. Motive develops concept vehicles for major automakers such as Dodge, Hyundai, Suzuki, Chrysler, and Toyota. The company also offers advanced production programs for start-ups and smaller companies, and developed the prototype for the electric vehicle Aptera.

We believe the mission the folks at Aurica Motors have undertaken—to keep the NUMMI plant operational—is bold, yet possible. And well worth the effort if successful. We provide complete prototype vehicles and apply advanced manufacturing techniques to produce them faster and at lower cost. Aurica provides an opportunity to launch a new era of more efficient and sustainable automobile production.

—Motive President Nathan Armstrong.


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