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Cummins Westport Inc. and Cummins India Ltd. Receive Order for 460 Natural Gas Engines

Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI) and Cummins India Ltd. (CIL) announced that CIL has received purchase orders for 460 natural gas engines to customers outside of Delhi, India. The B Gas Plus and B Gas International engines, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), are licensed by CWI and manufactured by CIL.

The Government of India unveiled a transport stimulus package on 3 February 2009 to provide central funding to purchase buses for urban transport systems. The Ministry of Urban Development will provide financial assistance for purchasing public transport buses, as part of a national effort to reduce the use of private vehicles and control congestion. The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM), a government program, has allocated $58 billion to 63 cities to help modernize and improve quality of life.

According to NGVAmerica, the New Delhi Natural Gas Vehicle Program has halved the air pollution in comparison to ten years ago. Approximately 60,000 auto rickshaws in New Delhi, India were required to convert to compressed natural gas (CNG) for fuel. A decade later, the government has issued a report hailing the success of the program, showing that, while the number of vehicles on the road has doubled, the pollution rate has halved.

Outside of New Delhi, ten other major Indian cities also have aggressive natural gas vehicle conversion programs. As a result, the amount of petroleum used in the country has been cut from projected levels. India imports 70% of its diesel and gasoline.


Henry Gibson

It is very simple to supplant most of the diesel used in locomotives with natural gas, and there is little reason not to do so this because there is much space and weight capacity behind a locomotive for high pressure tanks. Actually fuel gas can be made from coal in a special car to feed into a slighly modified existing diesel locomotive. This system can create less smoke than some diesel locomotives do now. ..HG..

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