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EPA Using OpenECU from Pi Shurlok in Engine and Hybrid Development Programs

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been using Pi Shurlok’s OpenECU M460 and G850 control modules for the past year to support technology development programs in the areas of Advanced Engine Control and Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Control.

As part of Pi Shurlok’s collaboration with the EPA, an API (Application Programming Interface) for C code was added to the OpenECU toolchain that enabled EPA engineers to continue to benefit from their investment in control applications that had already been developed using C code. OpenECU provides a bridge between the advanced technologies that the EPA is developing for greener vehicles and the vehicle companies, along with their suppliers, that ultimately need a production ECU to bring that technology to the market.

EPA is using OpenECU modules to support its gasoline HCCI engine, optimized alcohol engine, and series hydraulic hybrid vehicle technologies. Using the embedded OpenECU controllers and toolchain is helping EPA engineers develop vehicle functionality quickly and easily using rugged electronics that are suitable for use on real vehicles, and very similar to the modules that might eventually end up in production.

Pi Shurlok has a long association with Aston Martin, developing the engine management control software at the heart of its high-performance sports cars.

The OpenECU M460 is suited to applications requiring a large number of input/outputs on a chassis mounted, sealed metal housing with IP68 environmental protection. Based on the Freescale MPC5534 32-bit microcontroller, the M460 features 2 CAN interfaces and 56 standard input/output functions via two 40-way connectors. The precision analogue functions include direct support for RTD sensors and thermocouples, while the configurable high current switching outputs support injector, spark and PWM drives.

Typical applications include diesel after-treatment control, transmission control and complex ancillary vehicle functions.

The G850 is particularly suited to multi-cylinder (up to 8) gasoline engine management applications. It is supplied in a chassis mount, extremely rugged, sealed metal housing with IP65 environmental protection. Based on the Freescale MPC565 32-bit microcontroller, the G850 features CAN interface and 81 standard input/output functions via one 70-way and two 50-way connectors. This product has been in volume production for many years, and in a very wide range of applications.

Typical applications include gasoline and diesel engine management; exhaust after-treatment control; body controls; suspension control; transmission control; and ancillary function control.

Control Instruments formed Pi Shurlok in 2006 when it acquired Pi Technology and merged it with its automotive electronics manufacturer, Control Instruments Shurlok.

EPA’s Clean Automotive Technology Program is part of its National Vehicle and Fuel Emission Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where it conducts innovative clean engine and hybrid drivetrain research to achieve ultra-low pollution emissions, reduced greenhouse gases and increased fuel efficiency.


Cameron Dell

It's time they when to an open source car. Diagnose problems, install updated new programs, install new equipment with new program etc. No I see more of the same. Predator, proprietor.

Henry Gibson

The EPA could adopt the INNAS NOAX engine for its series hydraulic hybrid vehicle and control it with this processor. The Artemis hydraulic hybrid technology demonstrated a doubling of fuel efficiency in city driving. There is no reason not to immediately embrace hydraulic hybrids for fuel efficiency. The INNAS NOAX is the best prototype of a device that can implement HCCI technology and diesel combustion as well. And it can adapt immediatly to any fuel. Either the Artemis technology or the INNAS hydraulic devices can provide rotary motion for the wheels. The UPS hydraulic hybrid and its prototypes have been tested for a decade now. ..HG..

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